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7 Best Content Marketing Tools for 2022

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Content marketing is a subset of digital marketing. Content marketing can be described as the use of content to increase exposure, convert leads, and garner customer loyalty and trust. In simpler terms, it can be said to be the use of content for the purpose of marketing.

Due to the proliferation of the internet and online businesses, digital marketing ( and content marketing) has emerged as a strong player. It is very effective in increasing awareness and converting leads. In this article, we are going to be looking at seven tools that you can use for your content marketing in 2022.

7 Best Content Marketing Tools


Ahrefs is a great SEO toolkit that can be used for gaining intelligence on your competitors as well as evaluating your own site’s performance.

AhrefUsing its keyword research tool, site explorer, and content explorer, you can find out:

  • Which keywords gather the most traffic.
  • Which content ranks the highest for specific keywords.
  • All the keywords that your site ranks for.
  • Which pages on a site are the most popular.
  • Ranking difficulty, search volume, and potential of keywords.

Using this information, you can create an effective content marketing strategy and increase your chances of success. Ahrefs is a paid tool with a starting price of 83$ (per month).


Paraphrasers are tools that can automatically rewrite some given text using different words, phrases, and sentence structures, but without changing the original meaning.

ParaphraserIn content marketing, it is essential that the content is understandable and easy to read. That is so because in marketing there is a wide range of audiences that have to be targeted. This range includes people of different literacy levels. Everyone cannot understand difficult words and long sentences.

The paraphrasing tool by Prepostseo is a free-to-use tool with a special mode called Fluency mode. It can increase the readability of a text after paraphrasing. It specifically changes words /phrases with their simpler synonyms and changes the sentence structure such that the final product is much easier to understand.

Easy-to-digest content can increase reader engagement and lead conversions.

Yoast Content Analyzer

Yoast content analyzer is an online tool that is free to use. It does not require registration and does not have any ads or other limitations that free tools usually have.

YoastIt provides two different kinds of feedback:

  • Content readability assessments
  • Content SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimization assessments

Without SEO, any digital marketing efforts are almost useless. Websites need to appear high enough in the SERPs to get the appropriate exposure and traffic.

You can check your blog posts in Yoast and get feedback on the following:

  • Content readability grade
  • Keyword density
  • Amount of passive voice usage.
  • Presence/absence of keyword in the opening paragraph/title/heading.
  • Preview of how your post would appear on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)
  • Acting on this feedback will make your content much better for marketing purposes.

Check-plagiarism is a free online tool that can be used to check for any plagiarism that might be present in your content. It has a word limit of 2k words, which is enough to check the blog posts of 1,000 and 1500 words (widely considered as the ideal length).

Check PlagiarismCheck PlagiarismAs we already know, SEO is extremely important for content marketing. Hence it is equally important to avoid anything that might negatively affect it.

Plagiarism is severely penalized by search engines. Websites hosting such content can be affected as follows:

  • Their rank can get reduced
  • They can be removed from the index.

This means that any marketing efforts using that site are essentially useless. Hence, it is important to check for and remove plagiarism.


Canva is a free graphics designing tool that can really amp up the quality of your content. Content quality is a major ranking factor and hence, it is considered a major SEO focus point.

CanvaCanva allows you to create high-quality designs and pictures using a variety of free templates and stock images. Not all of these templates and elements are free. A lot of them are paid only. However, the free selection is more than ample for basic users.

You can use Canva after registering and enrich your blog posts by adding pictures relevant to the topic at hand. This also opens up the possibility of people finding your content through image searches.

Hemingway App

Hemingway app has a free online tool that can be used for content optimization. This tool requires no payment or registration. The desktop and offline version does cost 20$ though.

HemingwayHemingway app offers feedback on the content that grades its readability and highlights any issues (pain points is a specific word for a specific situation) present. Different colors represent different readability issues.

All these features combined with the excellent UI make Hemingway an excellent tool that you can use.

Readability, as was mentioned previously, is an important aspect of content marketing as the content needs to be accessible and understandable to a wide range of audiences.

People cannot engage with difficult content. And that is bad for marketing.

Google Search Console

Google search console is a powerful free tool offered by Google for webmasters. You can use this tool to monitor the performance of your own site and conduct research.

Google Search ConsoleIt can also be used to troubleshoot any SEO issues your site may have, provide sitemaps and check backlinks. All of these things relate to SEO.

Other things that you can do that relate more directly to content marketing are researching which keywords and terms people are using to find your website. This can help you find more keywords that you rank for but didn’t optimize. Then you can start optimizing for them and improve your site’s optimization.


These were seven excellent tools that can be used for content marketing in 2022. Using writing assisting tools to increase readability/engagement and research tools to find what kind of content to write about are the cornerstones of content marketing.

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