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How to Use the Google Analytics Sessions Report

The Google Analytics sessions report shows the number of visits to a website over a specific period of time by a group of users.

For example, John Smith visits a website while at work. He is one user and one session. He comes back later in the day at work. At that point, Smith is still one user, but now he has had two sessions. (more…)

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User engagement

How to Increase Website User Engagement

What is website user engagement? It is the ability of a website to involve, attract and keep a visitor on the site as long as possible.

Why does user engagement matter? It matters because the longer a user stays on the site, the more the user interacts with the site in a way that benefits the website. (more…)

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Broken links

How to Understand Visits Versus Page Views in Analytics

Publishers who understand the difference between visits and page views will gain a critical insight with website analytics.

Visitors “visit” a website one or more times. A “page view” is what the visitor sees via a browser. Visitors “view” one or more pages during a visit. (more…)

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Page design

Google’s ‘Page Experience’ Offers Useful SEO Guidance

Page experience is another important tip directly from Google on how to get better rankings with search engine optimization.

Few people outside of Google — except for high-ranking former employees — know much about the many ways that Google ranks websites for its search engine. After all, the company doesn’t want to share important secrets with competitors. Its secretive ways also make the task of ranking well in Google’s search engine all the harder. (more…)

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