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RSS Marketing Expands Distribution Channels

RSS marketingThink of RSS marketing as a niche promotional tactic that expands the distribution of a Web site’s content.

RRSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. And it is —  a really simple way of distributing content throughout the Internet and getting more audience as a result.

It is online consumer technology from the early days of online publishing. Some people think it is antiquated and no longer usable. But while consumers of online content may not need it anymore, site publishers can still take advantage of it.


10 Simple Website Building Tips

Website building tips

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Website building is a creative process that is easily crushed by too many ideas.

So many building tips are available for a one-person publishing company to major media businesses that the person in charge can end up trying to do too much, too soon. The sheer volume will leave a site too diluted to be good at any one thing on the list.

In no particular order, here are 10 basic tips for website building that result in reader interest and natural search engine optimization. (more…)

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