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First Site Priorities: Keep Efforts Free, Quick and Simple

The owner of a small business website should look for ways of growing it that are free, quick and simple.

The Internet is loaded with experts who talk about big ways of making money online, but they often leave out the cost and effort required to get there. (more…)

Free Site Promotion for Small Business — Using Blogs

Free site promotion for small businesses is readily available. It’s a tactic called blogging.

Most heavy online users already know about blogging. It’s using a Web site to post  content — often personal content — on a regular basis.

But it really can be used to publish just about any kind of content, whether it’s personal, news, advice, etc.

Small business blogging can be used to promote another Web site for free. (more…)

Online Advertising Models: CPC, CPM or CPA?

Online advertising models show up on Web sites in several forms — cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand (CPM) and cost per acquisition (CPA).

Publishers and advertisers should know and consider all three depending on the situation.

But it’s clear that CPC and CPM dominate online advertising. CPC in particular is the dominant form for major Internet players such as Bing, Facebook and Google. CPM is often preferred for other sites, especially ones oriented to content.

CPC is popular with text-oriented ads that appear on search engines while CPM is popular with image-oriented banner /display ads. In the first case, the emphasis is on response. In the second, the emphasis is on branding. All advertising strives for some combination of branding and response.

Online pricing models

The above graph shows the popularity of CPC and CPM pricing models through the first half of 2014. Data: IAB; chart © Promise Media


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Best Online Marketing Strategy Starts with Detailed Plan

tumblr_my0cmgMc631swbla4o1_12801The best plan for an online marketing strategy is simple — but it takes 800 details to develop it.

The actual total might not be 800, but it sure seems like it. The reason why is that online marketing is so much more complicated than offline marketing.

The word strategy gets used a lot when it is being applied to a tactic.

An online marketing strategy is:

  • Subjective rather than objective
  • Visionary versus actionable
  • Preparatory rather than executable
  • General versus specific


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