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The One Keyword Link Building Strategy

A one keyword link building strategy is mostly known for the approach that concentrates on one keyword per page, which creates focus for SEO efforts and ideally produces better results.

But another approach focuses on one keyword per site. Yes, one per site.

Let me explain what sounds like a crazy notion.

It begins with the benefit of having a highly disciplined focus on search engine optimization. The goal is simply to concentrate most if not all of the link building effort on a single keyword for the site.

The effort continues until that keyword reaches its maximum potential, then moves on to the next keyword.

Why does that matter?


AdSense CPM

AdSense CPM Depends on Category and Tactics

The average Google AdSense CPM is a subject of serious debate for webmasters all over the Internet, and the answers vary all over as well.

It is against the terms of conditions for Google AdSense for any site publisher to disclose its click-through rates or other statistics about a site’s performance. (more…)

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Internet Marketing Strategy for Business Starts With 3 Tactics

Search engine results for “Internet marketing strategy for business” often bring up Web sites with exciting claims, but most online successes come from a series of small steps taken consistently over time.

The Internet is packed with millions of sites clamoring for the attention of people who visit on average about 100 sites a month.

As a result, sites that don’t have million dollar Web promotion budgets find that their audience is small and that search engine optimization by itself is not enough to build a strong business.

“The amount of work you put into them will determine the results you get out of them.”

So what does it take to launch an Internet marketing strategy for a local business?

It starts with three basic tactics, all of which can be done with as little as one hour a month and a small amount of money. But like everything else in life, the amount of work that go into them will determine the results that come out of them. (more…)

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