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Track ROI for Pay Per Click with 2 Simple Metrics

Pay per click marketing requires a return on investment like any other promotional channel. But what is the right ROI?

A report from The Nielsen Company indicates that online advertising has the highest ROI of any medium. To cut to the chase, it says that the short term ROI on all channels is 109 percent and for online it is 218 percent.

Although some may argue that the online number is questionable, there is no question that online marketing is more cost efficient. It doesn’t require a broadcast TV station, a newspaper circulation department, cable TV fiberoptics or a printing plant to produce a magazine.

In other words, it comes with an immediate cost efficiency that gives the marketer room to experience, fail, try again and succeed at an online campaign without bankrupting the budget.

Let’s define our terms and explore “return on investment” and “return on advertising spend”. (more…)

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Should You Sell Your Own Ads on Your Website?

Many publishers reach a point where they wonder if they should sell ads on their own websites.

They often already make money by displaying ads from Google AdSense, and other vendors on their sites. (more…)

Add SEO in URLs for Better Search Rankings

SEO IconAdding search engine optimization to the URL of an article will help with rankings and user clicks.

Do a search on Google, Bing and Yahoo! and look at the results. All three provide a similar display consisting of three elements — title, meta description and URL.

The keywords used in the search are bold wherever they are displayed in those three elements.

In Google results, the document title has the largest font and for that reason gets the most attention by the searcher.

The meta description draws the eyes because it contains additional information about the link that will help the searcher judge whether or not it deserves a click.

The URL in green type lies between the title and description. It may not be as important as the other two, but the existence of bold keywords will give the search another reason to click on the link.

Search engine optimization isn’t entirely about rankings. It’s also about presentation to the searcher and increasing the odds of getting that click compared to all of the other competition on the page.

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Facebook Active Users Go Beyond Likes

Facebook logoFacebook active users are often overlooked in favor of “likes,” but they are more important for one good reason: They often reveal the strength of a fan page presence on Facebook.

First, a definition of active users, according to Facebook.

“The number of people who have interacted with or viewed your Page or its posts. This includes people who have liked your Page and people who haven’t.”

What does this mean?

Note that it says “viewed your Page or its posts.” In other words, it isn’t just people who have come to your page. It also is posts that have been distributed to your Likes — via shares and by other means — as well as the followers of your Likes who can see their engagement.

Think of active users as the same as visitors to a Web site who trigger a page view or ad impression. Yes, the post is viewable in the newsfeed, which is a branding opportunity.

Then it’s a matter of whether they click to the fan page, then whether they engage with the page and finally whether they click from the page to the parent Web site (if getting clicks is a goal). (more…)

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10 Large Online Advertising Agencies and Networks

Online advertising agencies and networks take much of the work out of selling ads on a site. But like everything in life, it comes at a cost.

Companies that sell advertising for sites usually provide a piece of code that runs on the site and delivers performance information to the companies and their advertising clients.

In some cases, the agencies automate the entire process via self service. In other cases, they have sales representatives who help develop highly targeted campaigns for specific clients.


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