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Website Profit Balances High Margin, High Growth

Online profitWebsite profit is often a choice between high profit margin versus high revenue and audience growth.

It is one of the most important choices a publisher or webmaster can make for a Web site financial plan.

It is tempting to chase a high profit margin, but excessive margins are a positive in the short term and a negative in the long term. No business can maintain an unreasonably high margin over time without undermining growth or creating an opportunity for competitors.

Media sites in the early days lost a great deal of money and were seen as a drag on their parent companies. Now the opposite is true for some sites: Their parent companies need to boost sagging profits and are pushing for higher margins out of their Internet operations. (more…)

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Is YouTube SEO Worth the Effort?

Using YouTube to promote a related Web site is often a good use of time. Using YouTube strictly for building that site’s SEO is not.

For many years, YouTube publishers could add a link in the description that displays underneath the video, and the link would be do follow. A do follow link means that the landing page on the receiving end of the link receives benefit from search engines.

Google turned those links into no follow as part of a wide effort to eliminate “unnatural” link building.

The end result is videos with no follow links that provide sites with traffic if people click on the links. Otherwise, the receiving site no longer received any SEO benefit.

Some experts argue that it’s OK to have some no follow links because a site’s link profile should not consist only of do follow links. The search engines will become suspicious that the site is creating unnatural backlinking and may penalize it.

From that point of view, maintaining a no follow link in the video description remains a good thing.

So instead of focusing on a link for YouTube SEO, why not focus on maximizing the presence of links to generate more clicks?


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