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Keyword Niches Generate High SEO Returns

Keyword niches can deliver great results for SEO if an article targets the smallest number of search engine results for the maximum return on investment.

It is tempting to produce content that target important keywords that attract tens of thousands or even thousands of searches a month in Google, Bing and Yahoo!

But that content will likely compete with a massive number of similar articles. As a result, the article may rank low enough that it never generates any clicks.

Credit: JeongGuHyeok, Pixabay, Public Domain


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Quality Web Hosting Impacts Advertising Revenue

Advertisers never ask about Web hosting on sites where they are thinking about running a campaign.

Account executives don’t ask management anything about it. Technical people don’t tell management to spend more money on hosting in order to make more money with advertising.

But quality Web hosting does make a difference with advertising revenue, among many other factors.

Plenty of bad, real-world scenarios prove the point. (more…)

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