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Expandable Banners Increase Revenue Without Depleting Inventory

Expandable banner ads provide a way of boosting revenue for sites that are running out of ad inventory.

The average growth rate of online audiences has slowed to single digits in recent years.

That means successful Web sites that want to grow audience aggressively must take market share away from competing sites.

It’s easier said than done. Don’t mind the cliche, because it’s true.

Sites with flat to moderate growth rate and aggressive sales, especially if they have direct sales, end up running out of inventory to sell. (more…)

Done Carefully, Link Exchanges Build Audience Numbers

Search engine optimizationLink exchanges are a chess game that can increase a site’s audience and rankings with search engines for critical keywords.

But they must be done carefully to avoid penalties from the search engines.

A direct agreement with another site has the benefit of establishing a high-quality link. Contacting these sites directly can result in a lot of rejections but also a small number of links that are easily maintained and that may drive a high volume of quality traffic.

These relationships can be expanded into full partnerships that can include content sharing, banner exchanges and sometimes even advertising agreements.

Although partnerships take more work and require more detailed agreements, they also potentially bring significant benefits. (more…)

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Frequency and Recency Climb with the Right Drivers

Google Analytics provides a report on audience frequency and recency that reveals insights about the stickiness of a site’s traffic.

Frequency is the number of times a visitor comes to the site over a specific period of time. It is common to use a full month for the measurement.

Recency is measured as the number of days that have taken place since the most recent visit.

One way to calculate frequency is by dividing the visits by unique visitors (or sessions divided by users) to arrive at a ratio. For many sites, it is common to have an average of two or three visits per unique visitor per month. (more…)

Tackle Local SEO Marketing with Caution

The idea of using local SEO tactics to promote a local Web site makes perfect sense on the surface, but putting it into practice can be incredibly difficult.

Google and Bing may get 10,000 national searches a month on “early American antique dealers,” but they may get only 10 searches a month for “Nashville early American antique dealers.”

Naturally, the smaller the local market, the more likely the total searches will be small to nonexistent. Even worse, sponsorsing those keywords will become very expensive.

Even if there are some regular monthly searches on a particular keyword or phrase, it may not be enough to chase after them with organic search engine optimization (SEO) or paid search engine marketing (SEM).

The value of the lead may determine if it is worth it. (more…)

Online Classified Ads Build Site RPMs and Revenue

An effective online classified ad strategy will provide a valuable revenue stream that enhances that revenue coming from other sources such as display ads.

Just to be clear, online classifieds are pure text ads presented in a directly-style format. In effect, they are a form of paid content.

A site that focuses mainly on display ads — say three to four ads per page — will have an RPM limited by those ad positions. But imagine what happens to the RPM when those three to four ads positions are on pages with classifieds. (more…)

Increase AdSense Revenue with Simple Tips

Online profitGoogle AdSense  is the single largest concentration of network advertising on the Internet, partly because it is so effective in producing revenue for partner Web sites.

One of the best ways to increase AdSense revenue is is not what you do with the ads. It’s what you do with the content on the page that holds the ads.

Implementing best practices for both the content on the page and the presentation of the ads on the page will improve results. But eliminating certain bad practices also will improve them.


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User Generated Content: Let Chaos Reign?

User generated content on a site starts with one simple decision, which is whether to moderate the content or let every single posting go live.

UGC requires moderation for sites that want to maintain a degree of credibility with their visitors.

Moderation typically is a process whereby a site editor reviews a posting before it goes live to make sure it stays within site ethical, legal and quality standards. (more…)

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