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How to Check Site Keywords for SEO Strategy

Online publishers often perceive their sites one way, but search engines may view them in an entirely different way.

Publishers who push out content on a regular basis develop perceptions about their sites based the content topics.

If they push out a lot of content, they may not have time to analyze the articles for keywords that provide benefits for search engine optimization.

Bing keyword report

The Bing keyword report shows the rankings and performance of a site’s most important keywords.

Over time, the search engines develop a profile of the sites based on the presence of those keywords.

Bing and Google both have tools that provide a list of keywords that they extract from site content. (more…)

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Use Social Media Marketing Strategy to Generate Ad Revenue

A marketing strategy for social media is often used to build brand and drive traffic to the parent Web site, but it also can be used to boost advertising revenue.

Isn’t that the ultimate goal of the strategy anyway? A limited view of social media is that Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc., simply acquire followers who like the company’s product or service. Job done. Ego gets a boost.

But the real goals should deliver value and benefit for the company sponsoring the social media accounts. Just take a look at Coke’s Facebook page — it’s packed with followers making comments about the product. (more…)

What is Content Development for Websites?

Content development for Websites is a strategy and process for publishing information that readers find useful, accurate, timely, important, engaging or entertaining.

It has its foundation in older forms of traditional publishing or broadcasting such as books, magazines, newspapers, radio and television.

Content development uses a strategy and a process.

The strategy is based on the goals and objectives of the Website along with an understanding of the desires of the target audience.

The process uses the strategy to focus the efforts on obtaining and structuring the content in a way that provides the greatest benefit to both the producer and the consumer. (more…)

Use Blog Pages to Build Mini Site for SEO

BloggingBlogging is normally used as a way of posting short articles, photos and other content on a regular basis.

Blogging platforms are used mostly for that purpose. View any number of blogs and see that nearly all of them display a series of posts on the home page in chronological order.

Each post usually shows the first few paragraphs and then a link into the full article on a separate page. The home pages also usually show about five to 10 posts. (more…)

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Increase Page Views to Build Ad Inventory and Revenue

One of the most fundamental metrics of online publishing has been buried by social media, SEO, email marketing and a host of other hot online topics.

peeping-tom-316125_1280It also is key to increasing ad inventory and revenue. Even better, it’s a great way to judge site quality.

Increasing page views has been critically important to a Web site’s success going back as far in the online environment as some of us can remember.

The page view is one of the most important metrics in analytics software, starting with Google Analytics, the largest provider of such software.


Mobile App Development Costs May Not Be Worth It

Mobile app development requires an investment of time, labor and money that may or may not be worthwhile for a business or its Web site.

Yes, mobile usage is skyrocketing and the number of mobile apps are skyrocketing with it.

Yes, there are companies making a great deal of money from apps they develop and sell.

Likewise, other companies are making money from free apps via advertising revenue.

The problem for smaller companies or ones inexperienced in the mobile environment is that they often mix the desire for mobile apps together with the need for mobile friendly designs of their existing Web sites. (more…)

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AdSense Optimization Boosts Revenue with a Few Simple Steps

AdSense optimization is based on some of the same concepts as search engine optimization. It’s worthwhile to consider what happens without it.

AdSense logoAsk someone for a lot of money and don’t tell them why. They aren’t likely to hand over a dime.

Place contextual advertising such as Google AdSense on your Web site and don’t optimize your pages. The end result is no different. It is like asking Google for ads but not telling the ad-serving platform what is on the page. As a result, the platform won’t be able to deliver targeted advertising.

The entire basis of success with AdSense is targeted (contextual) advertising. The more optimized the page, the more targeted the ads on the page. (more…)

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