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Test Website Speed, Improve Results with 3 Free Tools

One of the easiest ways to build audience for a Website is by making it fast for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Pingdom site speed test

Pingdom provides multiple reports with one click of a button.

Internet users have a high expectation of visiting a site that loads quickly. If it doesn’t load quickly, they don’t hesitate to go somewhere else for what they want.

Analytic data since the beginning of browsers has proven this simple fact.

Visitors are more likely to make a return visit, share pages via social media and click on more pages while visiting if the site is quick.

But speed is often a matter of opinion — some people claim their site is fast when in fact it is not — so it makes sense to use tools that provide a comparison to other sites with objective data. (more…)

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Google Ad Trends Show More Growth at Softer Pace

Google ad revenue trends

Revenue for Google-owned sites is outpacing revenue for partner sites. © Promise Media LLC

Google reported fourth quarter 2014 results showing a 15 percent increase in revenue versus the same period the prior year.

For most businesses, a 15 percent growth would be good news. For Google, it was fairly good news. It did reveal that the company’s ability to grow online ad revenue is still running at a decent pace, but that pace is moderating somewhat.

Earnings were not as good. They declined slightly versus the prior year, while the operating income declined from 28 percent to 24 percent of revenue. (more…)

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