Site promotion

Increasing your Web site’s traffic requires juggling multiple ways of getting audience to get the best results. It also requires putting a consistent amount of effort into each of these sources and then prioritizing the time and effort based on which ones produce the most audience. The tactics below all work well but in different […]

Link baiting is an online term for a practice that has long been followed in offline media. It is a series of tactics that try to encourage Web site visitors to click on a link. It also is a form of “link building,” the term that describes ways of increasing the number of links to […]

Social media marketing is a strategy that targets users of Facebook, Pinterest and other sites that allow people talk to each other online. But maybe, just maybe, it misses the bigger picture and sends online marketers down the second-best path. Veteran online marketers know that Facebook and Pinterest are two of dozens and even hundreds […]

One overlooked tactic for increasing Web site traffic is with frequency drivers — content, features or functionality that give visitors a reason to come back again. A good example of a site with strong brand awareness, plenty of content and no frequency drivers is, which has been built on a strategy of aggregated content […]

Knowledge is money, especially in a small organization where one individual knows almost everything about a particular set of tasks such as online marketing. The U.S. has 6 million businesses with at least one employee in addition to the owner, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Out of that total, about 60 percent have only […]

Google launches a Panda update, and webmaster blogs and forums are filled with anger over lost audience and revenue. Google launches a Penguin update a year later, and the same blogs and forums are filled with more anger for the same reasons. Imagine winning $1 million and investing the entire amount in the stock market, […]