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Blog Content Strategy Includes Existing Posts

BloggingSometimes the best parts of a blog are overlooked by the blogger because they are old and forgotten posts.

But that doesn’t mean the search engines have forgotten about them.

Bloggers including myself may get so caught up in content, marketing, advertising and production issues every day that they don’t have the time or bandwidth to look back.

An effective blog content strategy should include a regular effort at looking back to see which posts still have value as evergreen content and continue to attract search visitors. They have great potential to attract even more. (more…)

Online Market Share Leads Digital Growth Strategies

ArrowsAn online business will find the future bleak if it doesn’t cope with two basic facts: audience growth has slowed to single digits while the creation of new sites is growing at high double digits.

Growing online market share is the best and possibly one of the few remaining strategies that can increase the chances of a digital business surviving in the years ahead.

Certainly, it requires businesses to grab newly created audiences, but it also requires taking audience away from competitors.

In the early days of digital, even a somewhat badly run online business could grow simply because the online audience was growing at such a rapid pace and there were far fewer competitors than exist today. (more…)

Sample Online Advertising Rate Cards

Searching for sample online rate cards is no easy task, but once found, the comparisons are revealing about advertising strategy and pricing.

The following rate cards have been posted on their respective Web sites for public access. It is important to note that they are subject to change at any time, so timestamps are provided when available. (more…)

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Online Marketing Strategy – 3 Goals, 8 Tactics and 1 Solid Plan

“Online marketing strategy” is a popular phrase that often is used to describe ways of generating large amounts of traffic to a Web site.

In the business world, the words strategy and tactics are often used together and sometimes mixed together so tightly that the meaning of one is almost the same as the other.

Let’s take a shot at what online marketing strategy really means and how it can be used to grow a Web-based business. (more…)

Web Site Value Based on Accurate View of Profit

Web site profit is a popular topic on message boards around the Internet, and the postings often focus on revenue as a way of establishing a site’s worth. But revenue is misleading.

A number of Web sites provide calculators that claim to show the value using publicly available information such as estimated audience from, a site’s presence in the search engines and other factors. Those numbers are misleading as well.

The best way to determine Web site value is with an accurate view of profit. (more…)

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Develop a Link Building Strategy in 5 Steps

Link Building StrategyA link building strategy is a plan to develop links that grow search engine results without attracting search engine penalties.

Google in particular is getting aggressive with penalties and in some cases outright bans of Web sites. A penality is painful, and a ban is a disaster.

Link building takes a great deal of time and effort to achieve meaningful results.

In addition, search engines often don’t recognize those results right away because of trust factors. (more…)

Facebook Marketing Strategy: Get Automated

Using RSS Feeds Cuts Labor While Testing Results

Facebook automationA solid Facebook marketing strategy can increase traffic to a Web site, but it also is possible to spend too much time on social media platforms and end up disappointed  in the results.

Automation can save time and increase ROI.

Companies everywhere are dedicating greater resources to social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The fact that Facebook has the largest audience of any Web site in the world is part of the allure.

Another part is how easily Facebook services integrate into another Web site.

A Facebook marketing strategy provides at least four measurable benefits — likes, shares, comments and Web site visits. Together, these four metrics contribute to brand engagement.

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