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How to Get Facebook Fans: A Simple Approach

Facebook logoGetting Facebook fans isn’t that difficult for anyone with a small to medium-sized business.

But it is the cornerstone of a social media marketing strategy, which is valuable to any businesses seeking new ways to promote themselves online.

This free approach depends in part on:

  • How prominently the business promotes the fan page
  • How much consistent effort goes into the page
  • The type of fan page / type of business

How do I know? Because I have implemented social media efforts that have succeeded for some ventures and failed for others. The three steps above made the difference in many of the results. (more…)

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Facebook Active Users Go Beyond Likes

Facebook logoFacebook active users are often overlooked in favor of “likes,” but they are more important for one good reason: They often reveal the strength of a fan page presence on Facebook.

First, a definition of active users, according to Facebook.

“The number of people who have interacted with or viewed your Page or its posts. This includes people who have liked your Page and people who haven’t.”

What does this mean?

Note that it says “viewed your Page or its posts.” In other words, it isn’t just people who have come to your page. It also is posts that have been distributed to your Likes — via shares and by other means — as well as the followers of your Likes who can see their engagement.

Think of active users as the same as visitors to a Web site who trigger a page view or ad impression. Yes, the post is viewable in the newsfeed, which is a branding opportunity.

Then it’s a matter of whether they click to the fan page, then whether they engage with the page and finally whether they click from the page to the parent Web site (if getting clicks is a goal). (more…)

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Social Media Tracking for Small Business Guides Time and Effort

Social media trackingTracking performance in social media accounts can range from a small effort to a big one.

Small efforts make sense for small businesses that simply don’t have the time, staff and budget to do any more.

They have to prioritize tightly to keep the business profitable and growing.

Various Web sites offer social media tools to track brand mentions. They join the legion of other tools that help with search engine optimization, ad campaigns, social campaigns, etc.

After a while, the number of tools, accounts, usernames and passwords becomes unwieldy. The cost for many of these accounts becomes painful. Even worse, some of those sites end up folding, in which case the tools and the data are gone.

How does a small business keep it simple? (more…)

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Social Media Conversion Rate Beats Email Marketing

Coca Cola on FacebookSocial media is worth doing only if it results in converting likes or followers into some benefit for the business.

That benefit can be in the form of driving traffic to Web sites, which is one of my main interests because I build and consult mostly content-rich sites.

That benefit also can be in the form of advertising clicks, ecommerce transactions, subscriptions, etc.

The Coca Cola company famously said not long ago that it couldn’t measure any discernable benefit to its bottom line from social media. (more…)

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What is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising is a category of digital advertising that places ads on social networking sites.

The five largest social media companies at the time of this writing are in order of audience size according to Quantcast are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Linkedin
  4. Pinterest
  5. Google+

What makes these sites attractive to advertisers starts with their vast reach.

“Worldwide DAUs (Daily Active Users) increased 19% to 864 million on average during September 2014 from 728 million during September 2013,” Facebook said in a quarterly report. (more…)

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