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Block Search Engine Spiders and Save Money

Search engines are great when they bring free audience to a site through organic search results. But some search spiders are simply terrible.

They are terrible because they come from a product that doesn’t provide any audience.

They are especially terrible when they pour through a site, consume vast amounts of bandwidth and come back again for more, ever hungry.

SEO might stand for not just Search Engine Optimization but also Search Engine Opposition.

Obviously every site wants to attract the most audience possible from Google, Bing and other good search engines.

But sometimes blocking search engines is a good thing. (more…)

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Site Development Matters to Marketing, Advertising and Profit

Web site development matters to marketing, advertising and profit because of several important ways that users experience the site.

I’m often surprised at how many sites are built by competent developers who have great technical skills but limited marketing and advertising skills.

At the same time, marketing and advertising professionals aren’t involved in the site development because they don’t have the technical skills to ask the right questions or provide insightful guidance.

It should be up to the manager to bridge that gap, but managers often don’t see the connection between technology on the one hand and marketing and advertising on the other. (more…)

Landing Page Optimization: A Fast and Simple Approach

Landing Page OptimizationLanding page optimization starts with the simple idea of getting visitors to do something valuable when they come to a site.

It’s hard enough just to get visitors in an online environment that is becoming more competitive all the time.

It’s also hard to keep them on the site when they come to that landing page from search engines or other means.

Visitors are fickle. They may bail out because the page doesn’t have what they want, the quality of the writing is poor, the page is too slow, it has too many ads, etc.

Then again, the site manager, editor or other personnel responsible for the site, the section or the landing page may have a great deal of other work to do.

So let’s keep it simple. Identify one clearly defined goal and implement four tactics for improvement. (more…)

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Increase Site Usability with Content Budgets

Site usability gets a boost with the help of an old news media tool called the budget.

A budget is a management document that tracks stories either already written but not published or soon to be written.

A news budget tracks stories that will break in a matter of a day or two or sometimes a few weeks. A feature budget might look months ahead.

Budgets are a great way of staying organized and keeping on top of events that might otherwise be forgotten.

A budget also works well with a Web site, especially if taken one step further. (more…)

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Google Analytics Mobile Report Requires Careful Takeaways

The Google Analytics mobile report defines mobile in ways that are open to misinterpretation because of how it defines mobile.

It creates questions about the relative importance of mobile and how fast mobile audiences are climbing for certain Web sites.

Apple’s iPad has changed the picture dramatically.

Is mobile a small screen device such as a smartphone or is it any device that can connect to the Internet from any location that has wireless access? (more…)

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4 Stages of Web Design and Development

Web design and development first serves an online marketing purpose and second serves a graphical purpose.

Some graphic designers may hate that statement. But they don’t have to pay the bills.

Ask people their opinions about certain Web sites, and wait to see if they talk about the graphics or about such issues as speed, functionality, ease of finding content and other experiences. (more…)

Best Open Source CMS: WordPress, Joomla or Drupal?

The best open source CMS is a subject of heavy debate. Which one to use is a big factor in how a site evolves.

Web content management starts with picking the right system for publishing.

Go to a webmaster forum on the Internet and ask, “What is the best Web CMS for me to use for my site?” Differences of opinion will sprout faster than crabcrass in a front yard.

Following are three brief reviews of what are arguably the most popular free and open-source content management systems available on the Internet — WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

These briefs are the opinions of a webmaster who has built and maintained sites on all three systems. (more…)

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