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Use Banner Ads Like Billboards to Drive Visits

Online banner advertising has powerful branding potential that helps Web visitors remember the name of a site and increases the odds that they will return again. It has its place in any online promotion campaign.

Text ads on the search engine result pages build response, but banner ads build branding and awareness. Branding and awareness drive repeat business.

All advertising is a mix of branding and response. A TV commercial brands a car model, and the hoped-for response is for the customer to go to the dealership (a lead) and buy the car (a conversion).

But what about online branding and response? (more…)

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Web Site Promotion of Standalone Sites

Web site promotion has been a big challenge for traditional media companies and a much easier one for pure online plays.

Media companies learned their lessons about the Internet by building extensions of their core traditional brands. Audiences came easily because newspapers would promote the site in their print editions and TV stations would do the same on air. Audiences recognized the site names because they usually imitated the core brand names. Brand recognition was high.

Those same lessons don’t always apply outside of core Web sites. (more…)

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