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Free Website Publishing Exists for Any Business

Free website hostingFree website publishing is available for any small business. But is it worthwhile?

In brief, it depends on the business needs. Looking at the free options is a good place to start.

A small site requires work at building, marketing and maintaining. Free marketing and technology tools are available. The actual building and maintaining come at a cost of labor.


AdSense Matched Content Increases Page Views

AdSense Matched Content gives a site another advantage with audience growth as online competition skyrockets.

What site publisher isn’t looking for a way to increase page views, pages per visit and visitor engagement? (more…)

Sales Promotion Lays Groundwork for Extra Revenue

online sales promotionOnline sales promotion is a series of tactics that leads a customer to make a purchase or click on an ad on a Web site.

It is both simple to implement and often results in easy money. Yes, it can result in easy money.

A direct sales operation for a Web site means that its staff contacts potential advertisers to persuade them to buy ad campaigns.

  • A typical sale may take weeks, months and sometimes even years to develop after:
  • Identifying a potential customer
  • Contacting that customer
  • Convincing the customer to accept a meeting
  • Developing and presenting a proposal
  • Negotiating specific terms of an agreement including price, impression level, etc.
  • Having second and third meetings
  • Closing the deal or receiving a rejection

The investment of time is significant. A typical close ratio online ranges from 5 to 10 percent of total contacts. Although the odds of getting a contract are low, the revenue from a closed deal usually makes up for the labor that failed to produce a contract with the 10 to 20 other attempts.

Effective sales promotion can reduce that investment of time and increase the odds of closing a deal. (more…)

Frequency and Recency Climb with the Right Drivers

Google Analytics provides a report on audience frequency and recency that reveals insights about the stickiness of a site’s traffic.

Frequency is the number of times a visitor comes to the site over a specific period of time. It is common to use a full month for the measurement.

Recency is measured as the number of days that have taken place since the most recent visit.

One way to calculate frequency is by dividing the visits by unique visitors (or sessions divided by users) to arrive at a ratio. For many sites, it is common to have an average of two or three visits per unique visitor per month. (more…)

Dare to Diversify Your Promotional Channels — Or Else

Google launches a Panda update, and webmaster blogs and forums are filled with anger over lost audience and revenue.

Google launches a Penguin update a year later, and the same blogs and forums are filled with more anger for the same reasons.

Imagine winning $1 million and investing the entire amount in the stock market, but in just one stock.

The risk is too high to imagine.

Invest an enormous amount of time and energy in getting audience just from Google search and revenue from just Google AdSense.

The risk is really no different. (more…)

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Web Site Marketing Plan – An Outline for Success

Plans Can Be Simple or Complex, But Focus is Key

A Web site marketing plan can range from one page to dozens of pages. What matters most is the meat of it and the focus and execution of the most important elements.

What also matters is whether the important site promotion goals are achieved.

The complexity of the plan depends on whether the person executing it is a one-person publisher or the online marketing manager at a large company. The following plan assumes that one person is responsible for the entire marketing program of a single Web site. (more…)

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Web Site Promotion Adds Value to Local Business

Local businesses will find that effective Web site promotion will add new customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones.

But many local businesses with limited online promotion experience are disappointed when the money spent on a good design and e-commerce application doesn’t product the desired result.

Quite often the problem is that too much money is spent on the Web site and not enough on promoting it.

Here is a simple approach to fixing that problem. (more…)

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