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AdSense Matched Content Increases Page Views

AdSense Matched Content gives a site another advantage with audience growth as online competition skyrockets.

What site publisher isn’t looking for a way to increase page views, pages per visit and visitor engagement?

Google’s Matched Content promises to deliver all three of these benefits.

AdSense matched content example

This matched content example shows 8 recommendations in a single impression. Note the recommendation that doesn’t have an image. Also note the AdSense text ads below.


First Site Priorities: Keep Efforts Free, Quick and Simple

Website prioritiesThe owner of a small business website should look for ways of growing it that are free, quick and simple.

The Internet is loaded with experts who talk about big ways of making money online, but they often leave out the cost and effort required to get there.

The Internet also is loaded with services for sale that are beyond the reach of a small business.

Even worse, some businesses end up paying thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on something they could have bought for hundreds of dollars instead. That statement is not an exaggeration. I have talked to the owners of many such companies.

In some cases, certain products and services are even available for free.

Time and money are two of the most precious resources available to a small business owner. Each one must be used carefully to maintain the business if not grow it. (more…)

Best Online Marketing Strategy Starts with Detailed Plan

tumblr_my0cmgMc631swbla4o1_12801The best plan for an online marketing strategy is simple — but it takes 800 details to develop it.

The actual total might not be 800, but it sure seems like it. The reason why is that online marketing is so much more complicated than offline marketing.

The word strategy gets used a lot when it is being applied to a tactic.

An online marketing strategy is:

  • Subjective rather than objective
  • Visionary versus actionable
  • Preparatory rather than executable
  • General versus specific


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Offline Marketing Strategies Add to Site Brand

Offline marketing tactics

A traditional media business can use offline marketing to boost audience and revenue for its site. Otherwise, a standalone Web business can partner with a local media business if the agreement allows both partners to meet each other halfway.

A standalone site can meet a media partner halfway by helping it understand how the Web site can provide effective promotion in return. It is becoming easy to prove. A partnership doesn’t stop the media outlet from doing its own offline marketing.

A dated and documented plan will go a long way toward building trust, credibility and follow through.

The first half of the plan can explain how the Web site will help the media partner, and the second half will explain how the partner will help build site readership. (more…)

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Online Marketing Budget is Money Well Spent

Local Search OptimizationAn online marketing budget is money well spent if it results in more profit, revenue and audience.

Many Web sites don’t spend a dime to market themselves. A small percentage grow large audiences if they have been around for many years, have a unique attraction or just work extremely hard at building eyeballs.

But even a small marketing budget can make a difference if it is developed carefully.

First, it is important to distinguish between a launch budget and a maintenance budget.

A launch budget is a separate amount of money dedicated to making the public or target audience aware of the new site. The marketing campaign usually begins on the day of the launch and continues for a matter of days or weeks.

The maintenance budget takes over after the end of the launch budget. Its goals include creating awareness for the site with audiences that weren’t reached with the launch campaign. More advanced elements of the budget target specific sections, features or audiences.

Second, we have to note the difference between discretionary versus non-discretionary expenses.

Marketing people would love to see the promotional budget treated as a necessary or non-discretionary expense. In reality, the promotional budget is one of the first items to be cut when profit and revenue misses start to loom.


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