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Best Page Titles Use 4 Tactics for SEO

A small amount of search engine optimization will do a great deal to help the page title of an article.

How long does it take to write a sentence with less than 70 characters including spaces? Not long at all. Thinking about what to write takes more time than the writing itself. (more…)

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SEO synonyms

Content Synonyms Almost As Important As Main Keyword Phrase

Content synonyms are so important to search engine optimization that they often can attract more search engine results than the main keyword phrase in an article.

Good SEO requires identifying through effective research a keyword phrase that is both commonly used by searchers and an accurate description of an article’s main subject. (more…)

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Content Authority Depends on Journalism Rules

In an era of fake news, content trust and authority depend more than ever on a few basic journalism rules.

One of the top 100 sites on the Internet in terms of audience has a message board section with quite a few posts about politics. One poster refers to many sites as sources of information. Most of the sites have the following characteristics.


Meta Description SEO Sells a Page to Searchers

SEO TacticsThe meta description of an article is a form of search engine optimization that promotes a page to searchers. Essentially, it is a sales pitch.

Various online sources have reported — and Google’s Search Console backs it up — that a document that gets the top spot in search results can receive a click rate of up to 40 percent or more. Second place has a steep decline, third sees even more decline and so forth.

But a well-written description for a fourth place result can improve the click-through rate. This is especially if the content of the top three results are poorly written and the fourth one is written well. (more…)

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Bad SEO Brings Wrong Audience

Bad SEO attracts a low-quality audience that can deliver weak revenue along with higher costs.

An old saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” Bad search engine optimization falls into that category.

Brand and local websites see a unique behavior among loyal visitors. These visitors will often go to search engines to reach the websites even though they know the site addresses. (more…)

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Contextual advertising

Contextual Ads Need Contextual Content

Contextual advertising from Google AdSense will deliver high CPMs and click-through rates if they appear with content that provides the right context.

What are contextual advertising banners? They are ads whose subject matter is determined dynamically by the site content that surrounds it. (more…)

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10 Basic SEO Tips Build Search Rankings

Basic SEO tips

Basic SEO tips. © 2017 Scott Bateman

Basic SEO tips are handy for anyone who doesn’t have much time to spend on the subject.

Anyone looking for SEO tips about organic search will find an overwhelming number of suggestions online. Just a few guidelines are a good start for a busy business owner or small online staffs. (more…)

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