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Broken link building

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Broken link building is one of the easiest ways to improve a site’s profile in search engine results.

Advice on broken link building often overlooks one critical step in making it effective.

The advice often focuses on fixing external links that point to a site. That focus is only half the solution. The other half should focus on fixing internal links as well.

The term broken link building is a bit misleading.

It might be better called broken link rebuilding, because that’s exactly what it does — rebuilds broken links that can renew positive ranking signals for search engines that were lost after the links went bad.


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Internal Link BuildingInternal link building often is overlooked as an important tactic for search engine optimization and creating a better site visitor experience.

Remember that the words used in the anchor text of a link, whether it is on site or off site, provides a clue to search engines about what lies on the landing page.

The location on the page also matters. The higher the link, the more likely it will get clicked because it is more visible to the user, especially if that user doesn’t scroll down the page.

Whether someone clicks on that link signals to the search engine (which often is following the user via cookies) that the link has value, relevance and context for the user.

How the user responds to the landing page provides the next clue.

Let’s see how to user internal linking for better SEO results. (more…)

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Search engine results for “Internet marketing strategy for business” often bring up Web sites with exciting claims, but most online successes come from a series of small steps taken consistently over time.

The Internet is packed with millions of sites clamoring for the attention of people who visit on average about 100 sites a month.

As a result, sites that don’t have million dollar Web promotion budgets find that their audience is small and that search engine optimization by itself is not enough to build a strong business.

“The amount of work you put into them will determine the results you get out of them.”

So what does it take to launch an Internet marketing strategy for a local business?

It starts with three basic tactics, all of which can be done with as little as one hour a month and a small amount of money. But like everything else in life, the amount of work that go into them will determine the results that come out of them. (more…)

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SEO IconAdding search engine optimization to the URL of an article will help with rankings and user clicks.

Do a search on Google, Bing and Yahoo! and look at the results. All three provide a similar display consisting of three elements — title, meta description and URL.

The keywords used in the search are bold wherever they are displayed in those three elements.

In Google results, the document title has the largest font and for that reason gets the most attention by the searcher.

The meta description draws the eyes because it contains additional information about the link that will help the searcher judge whether or not it deserves a click.

The URL in green type lies between the title and description. It may not be as important as the other two, but the existence of bold keywords will give the search another reason to click on the link.

Search engine optimization isn’t entirely about rankings. It’s also about presentation to the searcher and increasing the odds of getting that click compared to all of the other competition on the page.

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SEO TacticsMeta description SEO promotes a page the way that advertising promotes an entire Web site. Essentially, it is a sales pitch.

It has been reported — and Google’s Webmaster Central backs it up — that a document that gets the top spot in search results can receive a click rate of up to 40 percent or more. Second place sees a steep decline, third sees even more decline and so forth.

But a well-written description for a fourth place result can get a better click-through rate. This is especially if the content of the top three results are poorly written and the fourth one is written well.

An article ranked in third place isn’t always the better-optimized article. It may simply have won that position because of an important backlink or some other factor.

Anyone who works online for a living and does many daily searches will know that less relevant articles with awkward titles and badly written meta descriptions sometimes — even oftentimes — make it to a higher ranking in search results.

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Using YouTube to promote a related Web site is often a good use of time. Using YouTube strictly for building that site’s SEO is not.

For many years, YouTube publishers could add a link in the description that displays underneath the video, and the link would be do follow. A do follow link means that the landing page on the receiving end of the link receives benefit from search engines.

Google turned those links into no follow as part of a wide effort to eliminate “unnatural” link building.

The end result is videos with no follow links that provide sites with traffic if people click on the links. Otherwise, the receiving site no longer received any SEO benefit.

Some experts argue that it’s OK to have some no follow links because a site’s link profile should not consist only of do follow links. The search engines will become suspicious that the site is creating unnatural backlinking and may penalize it.

From that point of view, maintaining a no follow link in the video description remains a good thing.

So instead of focusing on a link for YouTube SEO, why not focus on maximizing the presence of links to generate more clicks?


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