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SEO Tactics Decline While Online Branding Rises

SEO Tactics

Many Web sites have been damaged and in some cases have been sold or folded because of the way Google has changed its approach to ranking sites in its search results.

The impact has altered the way sites approach search engine optimization tactics.

This article is not an analysis of the Google search algorithm and how a site can manipulate results in the world of Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and other Google search initiatives.

Instead, it focuses on one consequence in particular and what to do about it, starting with content quality. (more…)

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Web Site Marketing Plan – An Outline for Success

Plans Can Be Simple or Complex, But Focus is Key

A Web site marketing plan can range from one page to dozens of pages. What matters most is the meat of it and the focus and execution of the most important elements.

What also matters is whether the important site promotion goals are achieved.

The complexity of the plan depends on whether the person executing it is a one-person publisher or the online marketing manager at a large company. The following plan assumes that one person is responsible for the entire marketing program of a single Web site. (more…)

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Facebook Marketing Strategy: Get Automated

Using RSS Feeds Cuts Labor While Testing Results

Facebook automationA solid Facebook marketing strategy can increase traffic to a Web site, but it also is possible to spend too much time on social media platforms and end up disappointed  in the results.

Automation can save time and increase ROI.

Companies everywhere are dedicating greater resources to social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The fact that Facebook has the largest audience of any Web site in the world is part of the allure.

Another part is how easily Facebook services integrate into another Web site.

A Facebook marketing strategy provides at least four measurable benefits — likes, shares, comments and Web site visits. Together, these four metrics contribute to brand engagement.

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