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Online Brand Marketing Needs Focus, Consistency

Online brand marketing needs focus and consistency for a long time before a website reaches a key goal — a growth in return visits.

Return visits grow when people start coming to the site by entering the address directly in their browser address window, entering a version of it in search engines or saving it in their bookmark list. (more…)

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Offline Marketing Strategies Add to Site Brand

Offline marketing tactics

A traditional media business can use offline marketing to boost audience and revenue for its site. Otherwise, a standalone Web business can partner with a local media business if the agreement allows both partners to meet each other halfway.

A standalone site can meet a media partner halfway by helping it understand how the Web site can provide effective promotion in return. It is becoming easy to prove. A partnership doesn’t stop the media outlet from doing its own offline marketing.

A dated and documented plan will go a long way toward building trust, credibility and follow through.

The first half of the plan can explain how the Web site will help the media partner, and the second half will explain how the partner will help build site readership. (more…)

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How to Get Facebook Fans: A Simple Approach

Facebook logoGetting Facebook fans isn’t that difficult for anyone with a small to medium-sized business.

But it is the cornerstone of a social media marketing strategy, which is valuable to any businesses seeking new ways to promote themselves online.

This free approach depends in part on:

  • How prominently the business promotes the fan page
  • How much consistent effort goes into the page
  • The type of fan page / type of business

How do I know? Because I have implemented social media efforts that have succeeded for some ventures and failed for others. The three steps above made the difference in many of the results. (more…)

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Track ROI for Pay Per Click with 2 Simple Metrics

Pay per click marketing requires a return on investment like any other promotional channel. But what is the right ROI?

A report from The Nielsen Company indicates that online advertising has the highest ROI of any medium. To cut to the chase, it says that the short term ROI on all channels is 109 percent and for online it is 218 percent.

Although some may argue that the online number is questionable, there is no question that online marketing is more cost efficient. It doesn’t require a broadcast TV station, a newspaper circulation department, cable TV fiberoptics or a printing plant to produce a magazine.

In other words, it comes with an immediate cost efficiency that gives the marketer room to experience, fail, try again and succeed at an online campaign without bankrupting the budget.

Let’s define our terms and explore “return on investment” and “return on advertising spend”. (more…)

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Direct Traffic Results in Brand and Site Loyalty

Direct trafficDirect traffic may be the second most important source for Web site audience after search engines and SEO.

However, it doesn’t get that kind of respect.

How often do site publishers brag about their direct traffic numbers on the various blogs and forums dedicated to online publishing? The answer is, not very often.

But the analytics for many sites will show that direct traffic is the second highest source of audience for those sites.

Direct traffic shows up in several forms:


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