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AdSense Reveals Negative Trend in Mobile Advertising

Mobile web developmentAdSense mobile ads provide great clues to the trends and the future of mobile advertising.

The ad network from Google allows publishers to put advertisers on their Web sites and earn money every time people click on the ads.

The two most common versions of Google AdSense are display ads — both textual and graphical — and “ad units,” which are usually just a few concise text ads.

In recent years, Google has rolled out a mobile version of its advertising for sites that entirely cater to mobile visitors or desktop-friendly sites that also have a mobile product.

The standard size is 320×50, although more recently the 320×100 and even the desktop-oriented 300×250 have become more popular because of their higher clickthrough rates. (more…)

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Mobile App Development Costs May Not Be Worth It

Mobile app development requires an investment of time, labor and money that may or may not be worthwhile for a business or its Web site.

Yes, mobile usage is skyrocketing and the number of mobile apps are skyrocketing with it.

Yes, there are companies making a great deal of money from apps they develop and sell.

Likewise, other companies are making money from free apps via advertising revenue.

The problem for smaller companies or ones inexperienced in the mobile environment is that they often mix the desire for mobile apps together with the need for mobile friendly designs of their existing Web sites. (more…)

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Google Analytics for Mobile: How-to and Best Practices

Mobile reports in Google Analytics are incredibly useful for analyzing site trends and user behavior.

At a time when mobile usage is skyrocketing and surpassing desktop, any site that wants to capture more mobile visitors and maximize their experience should use mobile data in GA to see how to make improvements and where to make them. (more…)

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Mobile CPM Rates: Trends and Best Practices

MobileMobile CPMs and their ability to generate meaningful revenue remain a major challenge to digital publishers.

Average Mobile CPMs reflect market supply and demand. They also can be discouraging when compared to desktop CPMs.

Recent CPMs have remained relatively flat while the total available inventory has grown at a strong rate, according to eMarketer.

The same company estimates that mobile will consume more than 50 percent of total digital spending in 2015 for the first time.

Mobile publishing presents four specific challenges for anyone wanting to generate ad revenue:

  • Mobile CPMs are much lower than desktop CPMs.
  • Information is limited on how to establish mobile rates and rate cards.
  • Mobile revenue is not high enough to justify large investments in mobile publishing.
  • Creative options are far fewer than desktop.


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How to Use Mobile Text Ads for Extra Revenue Stream

Anyone who publishes a mobile-friendly site often finds that one of the greatest challenges is getting it to produce a decent amount of revenue.

Mobile text ads help solve that problem by providing an alternative ad type to mobile sites that seem to rely so heavily on display.

Visit numerous mobile sites with a smartphone browser to see what kind of advertising types they provide. The great majority have display ads, but most do not offer text ads. (more…)

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