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Best Types of Online Advertising Are Efficiency Machines

Targeted AdvertisingThe best types of online advertising can be measured in terms of their response rates and return on investment.

Do they generate clicks, sales, signups, social follows, return visits or other measures of success? Does the result more than pay for the cost in labor and cash?

Some types are more effective than others, but their effectiveness also depends on other factors such as the quality of the ad, the audience target, using the right distribution channel or the product or service, etc. (more…)

Local Video Has Narrow Viewership

Media executives believe that they need to throw major resources into video on their local TV and newspaper sites.

They cite studies such as one from Pew Internet and American Life Project, which says that moe than half of all adult Web users have viewed video on sites like YouTube, Facebook and Google+.

Unfortunately, local video draws relatively few eyeballs, no matter how much it is promoted. (more…)

Retail Leads Online Advertising Budgets

The retail sector will lead the way in the U.S. in spending advertising money online in 2013, according to a new report from eMarketer.

Total digital ad spending will rise 14 percent this year after increasing 15 percent in 2012 and nearly 22 percent in 2011.

Out of that total, retail will spend the most at 22 percent of total digital ad expenditures.

“Nearly two-thirds of this retail spending will focus on direct response formats, such as search, mobile messaging, classifieds and directories, or lead generation,” eMarketer says. (more…)

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Confidence Sells Local Online Advertising

Online sales contractAdvertising account executives who sell locally have a tremendous advantage because they know the market better than their national competitors who are trying to invade their turf.

If they already sell traditional media — TV, magazines, newspapers, radio, cable and outdoor — they have an even greater advantage because they have existing relationships within the market.

They know their clients, their budgets, their needs and more.

But these same account executives have a major disadvantage that provides a lesson in selling local online advertising. (more…)

Local Search Engine Optimization: Best Practices

Local Search Optimization

The best practices for local search engine optimization become clear for anyone who has spent years managing local newspaper and television Web sites.

Local newspaper and TV sites are packed with references to communities and institutions common to the area.

But those packed references don’t necessarily lead to great rankings in search engines, even for media sites that typically have large online audiences.

It’s remarkable how a few tweaks can lead to 70 and 80 percent year over year increases in search engine traffic.

The real trick simply comes down to keywords and placements. (more…)

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Local Online Advertising Delivers Targeted Audiences

Local online advertising is especially effective for local businesses that know a few simple steps in how to target their ads.

After decades of working in media, I can say without a doubt that many local advertisers understand the concept of targeting ads but struggle with how to do it online.

They understand that local newspapers are delivered mainly to local readers, that radio and TV stations only reach local listeners and viewers, and cable companies provide service only to local customers.

But a Web site is accessible to the entire world.

A local business doesn’t want its ads to be seen by people in Dubai or the Ukraine because those people are highly unlike to shop at the advertiser’s business in a place such as Charlottesville, Virginia.

There are three simple ways to target local online advertising. (more…)

Online Brand Marketing Can Outperform SEO

Online BrandOnline branding is often overlooked as a marketing tactic because search engine optimization is so widely embraced.

It’s true that pure Web brands in particular may get up to 90 percent or more of their total traffic from organic search results.

It’s also true that Web sites with a strong offline brand can get more audience via direct traffic than SEO.

Over many years working with local newspaper Web sites, one fact came up over and over again in analytic reports.

The single most popular keyword that brought visitors to a newspaper Web site was the newspaper’s name — not its Web site name, but the name of the print product. (more…)

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