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Local Online Advertising Goes Up for Grabs – Literally

Local online advertising is going up. It’s also up for grabs.

The battle has been fierce, and it is getting worse.

A report by Borrell Associates estimates that local advertising will increase to $132 billion in 2016.

Digital spending will make up about half of the total, followed by newspapers at 10 percent and TV stations at 9 percent, the report says.

Among digital advertising expenditures, targeted display ads will consume 70 percent of the total.


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First Site Priorities: Keep Efforts Free, Quick and Simple

Website prioritiesThe owner of a small business website should look for ways of growing it that are free, quick and simple.

The Internet is loaded with experts who talk about big ways of making money online, but they often leave out the cost and effort required to get there.

The Internet also is loaded with services for sale that are beyond the reach of a small business.

Even worse, some businesses end up paying thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on something they could have bought for hundreds of dollars instead. That statement is not an exaggeration. I have talked to the owners of many such companies.

In some cases, certain products and services are even available for free.

Time and money are two of the most precious resources available to a small business owner. Each one must be used carefully to maintain the business if not grow it. (more…)

Offline Marketing Strategies Add to Site Brand

Offline marketing tactics

A traditional media business can use offline marketing to boost audience and revenue for its site. Otherwise, a standalone Web business can partner with a local media business if the agreement allows both partners to meet each other halfway.

A standalone site can meet a media partner halfway by helping it understand how the Web site can provide effective promotion in return. It is becoming easy to prove. A partnership doesn’t stop the media outlet from doing its own offline marketing.

A dated and documented plan will go a long way toward building trust, credibility and follow through.

The first half of the plan can explain how the Web site will help the media partner, and the second half will explain how the partner will help build site readership. (more…)

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Tackle Local SEO Marketing with Caution

The idea of using local SEO tactics to promote a local Web site makes perfect sense on the surface, but putting it into practice can be incredibly difficult.

Google and Bing may get 10,000 national searches a month on “early American antique dealers,” but they may get only 10 searches a month for “Nashville early American antique dealers.”

Naturally, the smaller the local market, the more likely the total searches will be small to nonexistent. Even worse, sponsorsing those keywords will become very expensive.

Even if there are some regular monthly searches on a particular keyword or phrase, it may not be enough to chase after them with organic search engine optimization (SEO) or paid search engine marketing (SEM).

The value of the lead may determine if it is worth it. (more…)

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How to Choose a Web Site Management Service

Online sales contractWeb site management services are no different than any other service business: Some will deliver great value and others will suck the life out of someone’s dream of online success.

It is no exaggeration to say that a management service can charge thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars for work that could be done for hundreds. Plenty of real-life examples exist.

It also is no exaggeration that some of these services will provide expertise in one area while falling short in another.

They will pursue the contract because it means more money for their own business while planning to make up for their lack of skills by hiring a contractor or just figuring it out on their own. That’s an understandable thought, but it puts the client’s business at risk.

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