The best types of online advertising can be measured in terms of their response rates and return on investment. Do they generate clicks, sales, signups, social follows, return visits or other measures of success? Does the result more than pay for the cost in labor and cash? Some types are more effective than others, but […]

Google AdWords continues to evolve as a marketing tool and become more efficient at targeting audiences and delivering results. The AdWords extension feature is a prime example of that evolution. The feature gives online marketers an option of adding more links to an ad. By presenting multiple links within a single ad, and assuming the […]

Advertisers will find that AdWords geo targeting is a greaty way to focus their efforts geographically and use limited budgets efficiently at the same time. Just about anyone can have a good reason to use the geo targeting capability. A small local advertiser may care only about reaching people within a single zip code or […]

A Google AdWords marketing campaign can be an inexpensive, efficient and highly educational way of driving targeted pay-per-click traffic to a Web site. It can be inexpensive because there is only a $5 activation fee to open an account and no minimum monthly charge. It is efficient because the advertiser pays only for the click […]

The best banner ads promote an online business with a combination of branding and response. Promoting an online business is not entirely about pay per click advertising. Graphical banner ads can build recognition of your site name and bring customers back again. Again, all advertising is a combination of branding and response. A TV commercial […]

One of the simplest ways of managing a Google AdWords campaign is creating a spreadsheet that maps the three most important elements of the campaign. Those three elements are the keywords being sponsored, the ads that target those keywords and the landing pages that are linked within the ads. The reason why this is so […]