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Social Media Conversion Rate Beats Email Marketing

Coca Cola on FacebookSocial media is worth doing only if it results in converting likes or followers into some benefit for the business.

That benefit can be in the form of driving traffic to Web sites, which is one of my main interests because I build and consult mostly content-rich sites.

That benefit also can be in the form of advertising clicks, ecommerce transactions, subscriptions, etc.

The Coca Cola company famously said not long ago that it couldn’t measure any discernable benefit to its bottom line from social media. (more…)

Best Subject Lines for Email Marketing Provoke Subscribers

Email MarketingSex, violence and controversy attract print readers, TV viewers and online visitors alike.

It is a somewhat inescapable fact that the most provocative headlines, TV shows and Web sites appeal to some of the baser instincts of people. But the evidence is overwhelming.

Email marketing is not so different. That is not to say that the best subject lines for email marketing need sex, violence or controversy to maximize their open rates.

But it is no surprise that a news email had its highest open rate ever with the headline: “Runner, mother of two, killed in early morning crash.” (more…)

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Email Advertising Trend Shows Steady Decline

Generating digital revenue via email advertising is becoming more difficult than ever based on current trends, technology and competition for consumers’ attention.

That doesn’t mean it’s dead, just that it’s not nearly as bright an opportunity as it was some years ago.

In fact, the Internet Advertising Bureau has dropped email advertising as a product category that it tracks in its trend reports.

In the first half of 2013, email ad revenue totaled $78 million or less than 1 percent of search revenue, according to research reports from the IAB. (more…)

Local Email Marketing Thrives on Highly Targeted Lists

Email sounds almost antiquated in the world of mobile and social media, but it remains one of the most cost effective ways of reaching and retaining customers.

Email marketing listA local email marketing program is inexpensive to start and challenging to build. If done right, the rewards are substantial.

The best practices in email marketing can be applied to the local level. What makes the local level unique is the smaller audience and the cost limitations for the marketing budget in a typical local business.

While the potential for a small audience sounds discouraging, it takes only one lead that buys a house to produce a substantial commission for the Realtor who handles the sale. (more…)

6 Best Ways to Increase Web Site Traffic

Increasing your Web site’s traffic requires juggling multiple ways of getting audience to get the best results.

It also requires putting a consistent amount of effort into each of these sources and then prioritizing the time and effort based on which ones produce the most audience.

The tactics below all work well but in different ways for different sites. At least several months of consistent work should go into each one before deciding which tactic deserves the most attention. (more…)

Prominence Builds Email Marketing Lists

Email MarketingProminence is a key concept in online marketing and site development for the simple reason that prominence delivers results.

It’s really not a new concept because prominence works in all forms of communication.

The cover story of a magazine is prominent. The lead story on a TV news broadcast is prominent.

In search engine optimization, the prominence of certain keywords will improve search engine rankings for those pages and keywords. (more…)

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Automated Email Marketing Saves Time and Gets Results

Email MarketingOne of the best email marketing tips for a small business or any digital operation with limited resources is an automated email marketing campaign.

I can hear an expert claiming, “But that’s just silly. You won’t get good results.”

Ah, but that depends on the email.

Experts will look down on automated email marketing because it is simplistic and limited in what it can do.

Then again, it saves times, and that’s one of the best reasons to do it.

Done right, they can get results. It is entirely possible to get campaigns with open rates above 20 percent and click rates also above 20 percent. (more…)

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