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Email Newsletter Marketing Tips Boost Loyalty

Email newsletter marketing tipsEmail newsletter marketing requires building a list of thousands or even tens of thousands of email addresses. The process takes not just months, but years. The patience is usually worth it.

Such a long-term focus pays off for a website with a list of loyal visitors who come to the site more often. Their visit frequency boosts page views, ad inventory and response rate.

Consider the following impact. Nudging frequency of visits from 3.0 to 3.1 per month with a site of 1 million unique visitors and average pages per visit of 6.0 will boost monthly page views by 600,000 and ad inventory by 1.8 million impressions at three ads per page. (more…)

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Email Marketing Metrics Boil Down to 5 Numbers

Email MarketingEmail marketing metrics are far simpler than other metrics such as Website analytics.

Because there are only a small number of them, it is easy to track results and focus efforts on how to improve them.

But that doesn’t make email marketing easy. It is a big challenge first to get people to subscribe and then to keep them when they have so many other options for getting their information.

Five email marketing metrics track the return on investment that a site or business puts into a campaign with money and labor:

  1. Subscription rate
  2. Open rate
  3. Click rate
  4. Churn rate
  5. Conversion rate


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Free RSS to Email Saves Time, Effort and Money

RSS to emailEmail marketing may not be as popular as it was in the past thanks to the growth of social media, but it still has a solid place in a Web site’s marketing efforts.

But like all marketing efforts, building and distributing an email newsletter takes time and effort that is becoming more stretched in a competitive environment.

That time and effort could be better used if the process of sending out emails was entirely automated.

RSS to email makes it possible to do so. (more…)

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Email Advertising Needs ‘Visible Impressions’ to Set Rates

Email Marketing
Email advertising may find new life by embracing the concept of visible impressions.

Visible impressions is a new online industry trend that says the value of an ad impression is based on being visible on a Web site without requiring the user to scroll down the page to see it. In other words, the ad appears somewhere at the top of the page.

The concept supports the branding part of online advertising. If the site visitor can see the ad, he or she may register the brand for future consumption. The visitor doesn’t have to click on the ad for it to have credible and measurable value.

But the concept faces a unique challenge in the email marketing environment because of low open rates and images that are blocked by email readers. (more…)

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Social Media Conversion Rate Beats Email Marketing

Coca Cola on FacebookSocial media is worth doing only if it results in converting likes or followers into some benefit for the business.

That benefit can be in the form of driving traffic to Web sites, which is one of my main interests because I build and consult mostly content-rich sites.

That benefit also can be in the form of advertising clicks, ecommerce transactions, subscriptions, etc.

The Coca Cola company famously said not long ago that it couldn’t measure any discernable benefit to its bottom line from social media. (more…)

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