Make Content Marketing Links Contextual for SEO and Clicks

A smart way to get maximum benefit from content marketing SEO is to make the back links as contextual as possible.

Assume for a moment that someone publishes a travel Web site about cruises and that someone decides to contribute an article about Mediterranean cruises to another site. The other site agrees to allow one link back to the author’s site.

The author’s site is about cruises and a subsection on that site is about Mediterranean cruises. Should the link on the other site go to the author’s home page about cruises or to the Mediterranean index page? Continue reading “Make Content Marketing Links Contextual for SEO and Clicks”

Content Marketing Strategy Delivers 3 Benefits

Content marketing strategy requires some thought about which benefit is most valuable:

  1. More audience
  2. Search engine optimization
  3. Google’s well-known PageRank.

However, one rule dominates all others — quality now matters more than quantity.

Some article marketing networks are good at delivering audience, others provide a site with better search engine optimization and others still enhance the PageRank of a site. Continue reading “Content Marketing Strategy Delivers 3 Benefits”

Continuous News Takes Continuous Practice

Managing staff that has covered mass murders, hurricanes, major riots and other major news events is educational about what it means to do continuous online news.

When a story that big breaks, sites immediately get pounded with traffic. People have heard only headlines about the story on TV and radio. They want details, as many as they can get, and they want them immediately.

TV station sites tend to be faster with updates but lighter on details. Newspapers are slower with updates but heavier on details. Both of these responses are typical for their respective cultures and approaches to content management. Continue reading “Continuous News Takes Continuous Practice”