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  • “Online marketing strategy” is a popular phrase that often is used to describe ways of generating large amounts of traffic to a Web site.

    In the business world, the words strategy and tactics are often used together and sometimes mixed together so tightly that the meaning of one is almost the same as the other.

    Let’s take a shot at what online marketing strategy really means and how it can be used to grow a Web-based business. (more…)

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    Evergreen content strategyAn evergreen content strategy is a surefire way of building a site’s size, value and audience.

    The term refers to articles that have a long shelf life. In other words, they may be just as useful to the reader a year from now than the day they were written.

    The investment of time, energy and even money in generating such content may not pay for itself in the near future, but a good evergreen article will likely pay for itself in the long term and then become pure profit from that point forward. (more…)

    Article marketing for SEO is a tactic that helps improve search engine results for a Web site’s most important keywords if it’s done carefully and done on high-quality sites.

    In simple terms, it’s the practice of writing an article about your site and putting it on another site.

    The other site typically specializes in articles written specifically for promotional purposes. Five of the largest are:


    Anyone interested in building site audience and search engine rankings to build their online business will go to one of these sites, sign up for an account and start writing.

    Some of these sites require a minimum of 500 words per article, and some require much more. (more…)

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    Content marketing is a popular concept and effective tactic in online marketing.

    But what is content marketing, how is it used and what are the benefits? Let’s try one definition:

    Content marketing is a method for distributing online content that provides a direct and measurable benefit to the core business.

    Try to find a definition of content marketing through search engines or other means. Quite a few variations show up.

    The above definition was written that way for some specific reasons. (more…)

    Anyone can write anything on the Internet via blogging, but the writing matters only if people find the blog, think it’s interesting and come back for more.

    Otherwise, it’s only writing as a hobby for yourself and not as a business for an audience.

    Quality, quantity, frequency and distribution are four traits that divide unknown blogs from popular ones.

    Let’s see what each trait means for blogging. (more…)

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    Knowledge is money, especially in a small organization where one individual knows almost everything about a particular set of tasks such as online marketing.

    The U.S. has 6 million businesses with at least one employee in addition to the owner, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Out of that total, about 60 percent have only one to four employees.

    A small publishing company with a Web presence has little choice but to concentrate its marketing efforts in a small number of people. In many cases, it concentrates those efforts in one person.

    But what if that person left the company? (more…)