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Increase Page Views to Build Ad Inventory and Revenue

One of the most fundamental metrics of online publishing has been buried by social media, SEO, email marketing and a host of other hot online topics.

peeping-tom-316125_1280It also is key to increasing ad inventory and revenue. Even better, it’s a great way to judge site quality.

Increasing page views has been critically important to a Web site’s success going back as far in the online environment as some of us can remember.

The page view is one of the most important metrics in analytics software, starting with Google Analytics, the largest provider of such software.


4 Ways to Rewrite Articles, Improve SEO and Build Audience

fountain-penArticle rewriting is a fast way to improve search engine optimization and user experience at the same time.

Imagine the possibilities: Higher search rankings, lower bounce rate, increasing pages per visit, more social shares and more return visits.

It really isn’t too good to be true.

Start with a simple scenario. An article on the site was published three years ago. At the time, work was especially busy and the article didn’t get much attention.

Maybe it was only 300-400 words long. It didn’t have any photos or graphics. It also didn’t have any related links. Keywords were not well defined. If it did have a photo, the alt tag was missing.

That said, the topic of the article has lasting value. In other words, it is evergreen content. (more…)

Blog Content Strategy Includes Existing Posts

BloggingSometimes the best parts of a blog are overlooked by the blogger because they are old and forgotten posts.

But that doesn’t mean the search engines have forgotten about them.

Bloggers including myself may get so caught up in content, marketing, advertising and production issues every day that they don’t have the time or bandwidth to look back.

An effective blog content strategy should include a regular effort at looking back to see which posts still have value as evergreen content and continue to attract search visitors. They have great potential to attract even more. (more…)

How to Use News RSS Feeds

The “antiquated” technology known as RSS feeds still has valuable uses in special situations for news and other content-oriented sites.

RSS may be antiquated to some because of the early days of online when RSS readers aggregated content from multiple sources and compiled them into one stream of news and headlines under an RSS reader. It made life easier for people because they didn’t have to go to dozens of slow Web sites to get their content. Instead, it all flowed to them.

As Web and social media sites became more sophisticated and access speeds became faster, the RSS readers faded away. But the ability of sites to distribute their content to other sites and also collect content from other sites is still viable even today. (more…)

Website Development Costs: How to Keep Them Low

Online selling handshakeQuestion: Is it better to pay $50,000 for a website from one vendor or $5,000 for the exact same site from another vendor? Answer: That’s a dumb question.

Yet many businesses find themselves taking on excessive website development costs when it could have been done for much less money.

A few simple guidelines will result in a site that doesn’t wipe out a precious amount of cash.

1. Develop a list of necessary features and functions.

That sounds easy enough, but many businesses sink into a trap of adding many bells and whistles that simply aren’t needed and that will drive up the costs.

Prioritize the list of needs and take a sharp look at every one of them with an eye toward whether they provide a clear benefit to the business. If they don’t, delete them. (more…)

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