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Free Website Publishing Exists for Any Business

Free website hostingFree website publishing is available for any small business. But is it worthwhile?

In brief, it depends on the business needs. Looking at the free options is a good place to start.

A small site requires work at building, marketing and maintaining. Free marketing and technology tools are available. The actual building and maintaining come at a cost of labor.


website profit

Website Value Best Determined By Its Profit

Web publishers often debate website value, but they tend to focus on the wrong number.

A common practice is to base the value almost entirely on revenue, but it is profit that reveals much more about a site’s true worth. (more…)

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10 Steps for Promoting Your Business Online

Local businesses have a compelling need to advertise their existence to attract customers in order to grow and stay profitable. These days they also have a compelling need to advertise online.

It is easy to imagine that most businesses will find that local online advertising is both necessary and even quite inexpensive to do.

The hard part is knowing where to begin and how to do it right. (more…)

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Website priorities

First Site Priorities: Keep Efforts Free, Quick and Simple

The owner of a small business website should look for ways of growing it that are free, quick and simple.

The Internet is loaded with experts who talk about big ways of making money online, but they often leave out the cost and effort required to get there. (more…)

Website Management Needs Cost Controls in Slowing Economy

Revenue decline

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Smart website management requires a balance of both revenue and expenses to achieve a healthy profit and healthy growth.

When the economy is growing strongly, it is of course much easier to grow revenue as well.

Businesses spend more on advertising, they make more money and they often increase their advertising budgets in response to their growth in revenue.

Websites that rely on advertising for most if not all of their revenue will benefit greatly from this increase in advertising.

They may even be tempted to increase their expenses by using the profits to invest in content, people and technology.

So revenue in a strong economy drives growth and brings the expenses along with it.


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Website Profit Balances High Margin, High Growth

Online profitWebsite profit is often a choice between high profit margin versus high revenue and audience growth.

It is one of the most important choices a publisher or webmaster can make for a Web site financial plan.

It is tempting to chase a high profit margin, but excessive margins are a positive in the short term and a negative in the long term. No business can maintain an unreasonably high margin over time without undermining growth or creating an opportunity for competitors.

Media sites in the early days lost a great deal of money and were seen as a drag on their parent companies. Now the opposite is true for some sites: Their parent companies need to boost sagging profits and are pushing for higher margins out of their Internet operations. (more…)

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Efficient Website Management Pushes Profits Higher

Online profitThe website support ticket went to the vendor on Nov. 10. The answer came back on Nov. 17.

The ticket had a simple question, but the vendor somehow was so inefficient with customer service that it took an entire week to reply.

Efficient website management requires quick responses to problems, initiatives, changes in competition, new products, etc.

If a simple question requires one full week for an answer, both that site and that vendor have big problems with efficiency.


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