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AdSense Keywords Improve Revenue Results

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Google AdSense and similar advertising networks rely on the context of pages to deliver the best-performing ads.

Keywords create the foundation of the context.

That’s why the ad type is called, not surprisingly, contextual advertising.

The context of the page is formed by the major elements of that page — all related to search engine optimization. (more…)

Ad Placement and Prominence = Advertiser Value

The best online ad placement is an important consideration for any site with advertising accounts.

The site can have all direct sales clients or entirely Google AdSense.

Either way, the ad placement has a big impact on results for the advertiser and revenue for the site.

A site with poor ad placement runs the risk of losing direct sales accounts because of performance problems — especially if the campaign is based on CPM or cost per thousand.

It also will see much lower ad revenue from national networks such as Google AdSense because they have the means of tracking results.

If the results are poor, they will simply provide ads with a lower cost per click. (more…)

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Use Pay Per Click Advertising Because It’s Cheap, But Beware

Targeted AdvertisingPay per click advertising has grown into the dominant category of online advertising because it is cheap and efficient.

It’s cheap because it’s efficient. It’s efficient for the advertiser because it most often is used contextually at the major search engines — Google and Bing — along with their advertising partner sites.

Because PPC advertising is usually contextual, it appears only on the most relevant pages and search results.

Being contextual and relevant, the ads generate a higher than average click-through rate. That means fewer ads need to be displayed before the campaign budget is fulfilled. (more…)

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Online Display Advertising Works Best with These 4 Steps

“Online display advertising is a failure because the average clickthrough rate is less than 0.2 percent.”

I have run into the above comment many times. And many times I have tried to explain that it’s just not that simple.

In fact, that number is largely meaningless.

Online Banner Advertising

Online banner ads deliver direct response with more than just clicks.

First, let’s tackle the low-hanging fruit.

A click rate under 0.2 percent is fewer than two clicks for every 1,000 impressions. And yes, that’s quite low.

That often-quote national average covers all display ads in all positions on all sites where it is possible to track the click rate. (more…)

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Online Advertising Rates: Tips and Guidelines

Online advertising rates are set through a combination of ad size, ad location, ad performance and market demand.

Optimizing this key ad sales tactic results in higher revenue, increased advertiser acquisition and increased advertiser retention.

These results in turn influence the price on the online rate card.

Use Banner Ads Like Billboards to Drive Visits

Online banner advertising has powerful branding potential that helps Web visitors remember the name of a site and increases the odds that they will return again. It has its place in any online promotion campaign.

Text ads on the search engine result pages build response, but banner ads build branding and awareness. Branding and awareness drive repeat business.

All advertising is a mix of branding and response. A TV commercial brands a car model, and the hoped-for response is for the customer to go to the dealership (a lead) and buy the car (a conversion).

But what about online branding and response? (more…)

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Maximizing Online Advertising Networks

An online advertising network can play a useful part in boosting the revenue of any Web site. In fact, some sites rely entirely on one network such as Google AdSense. Case in point:

A newspaper sales manager revealed in a meeting that an extensive project to revamp that paper’s site had tripled the audience in no time.

After the congratulations, it was pointed out that tripling the audience meant tripling the ad inventory. The sales manager grimaced and said something to the effect of, well, it didn’t triple the revenue.

Actually, it could. (more…)

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