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Google AdSense Alternatives Often Bring 6 Added Risks

AdSense logoGoogle’s industry-dominating AdSense product provides online publishers with enough paying ads to fill an entire site.

Some sites use AdSense to fill remnant ad space that hasn’t been sold to direct sales clients. Other sites are entirely filled with AdSense. Still more use the product with AdSense alternatives.

The product provides not only the largest quantity of online ads in the world but often the highest-paying remnant ads. Google gives the publisher 68 percent of the revenue and keeps 32 percent for the selling, marketing and management of the product.

But for some sites, AdSense is not enough. They may have one of three reasons to look for an Adsense alternative:

  1. They violated Google’s terms of service, got caught and were banned from using the product.
  2. They have so much available inventory because AdSense RPMs can’t keep up with the high volume.
  3. They want to replace the lowest-paying AdSense ads with higher-paying ads from another provider.

While some sites find alternatives that compete with AdSense on RPM, others may find that the following risks outweigh any benefit. (more…)

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Should You Sell Your Own Ads on Your Website?

Many publishers reach a point where they wonder if they should sell ads on their own websites.

They often already make money by displaying ads from Google AdSense, and other vendors on their sites.

They might decide they are not making enough money and want to increase their total revenue.

These publishers often have tried other forms of easy advertising such as affiliate marketing and found that it doesn’t pay well.

Whether or not someone should try selling their own ads will depend on the answers to the following questions. (more…)

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Expandable Banners Increase Revenue Without Depleting Inventory

Expandable banner ads provide a way of boosting revenue for sites that are running out of ad inventory.

The average growth rate of online audiences has slowed to single digits in recent years.

That means successful Web sites that want to grow audience aggressively must take market share away from competing sites.

It’s easier said than done. Don’t mind the cliche, because it’s true.

Sites with flat to moderate growth rate and aggressive sales, especially if they have direct sales, end up running out of inventory to sell. (more…)

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Effective Banner Ads Rely on Right Location on Page

“Performance depends not only on the ad position but the quality and relevance of the ad itself.”

Effective online advertising delivers results for customers and revenue for publishers based in part on one simple technique – the location of banner ads on the page.

If you have software or a vendor that provides ad delivery reports, it’s fascinating to see the results of moving ads around a page.

Three simple tips improve banner ad effectiveness and response rates:

  1. Keep two ads visible above the fold.
  2. Use at least the leaderboard 728×90 and rectangular 300×250 or 300×600 (which may be cut off by the bottom of the browser status bar).
  3. Minimize nearby distractions, i.e., large photos or graphics.

Here are some examples of how the banner position impacts the revenue. (more…)

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Right Banner Ad Sizes Impact Results

The fact that banner ad size has an impact on performance may seem intuitive and obvious to some people, but it is not to others.

To be truly effective, advertising has to deliver results for both the publisher and the advertiser.

The results for the publisher come in the form of revenue, client retention,  revenue growth and higher Website ad rates. Results for the advertiser come in the form of clicks, leads and transactions.

Following a commonly accepted banner ad size standard will result in more revenue and happier clients. Ad networks will deliver higher quality and better paying clients as well. (more…)

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