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Newspapers Need Online-Only Classifieds to Protect Market Share

Newspapers that consider offering online-only classified line ads to their customers often do so with trepidation.

The worries are common. We need to build our weakening print liner volume. We don’t need to develop a product with lower revenue and that will encourage our print customers to buy online-only and discourage them from buying print anymore. (more…)

Online Advertising Rates: Tips and Guidelines

Online advertising rates are set through a combination of ad size, ad location, ad performance and market demand.

Optimizing this key ad sales tactic results in higher revenue, increased advertiser acquisition and increased advertiser retention.

These results in turn influence the price on the online rate card.

Sales Cycle Takes Time, Delivers Relationships

TV and newspaper account executives who make the switch over to online on a full-time basis or try to sell it to their traditional accounts often face a difficult adjustment to the time it takes to land a client contract.

Selling online advertising has a longer sales cycle on average than traditional media because many accounts are either new to it or have little experience with it.

A retailer who has been placing campaigns in newspapers or on broadcast for many years will have a solid grounding on what to expect. Those mediums are in their comfort zones.

But even today, many years after the Mosaic Web browser came into being, accounts might spend only 5 to 10 percent of their budgets online, or have had a few bad experiences with it, or had unrealistic expectations that online is simply about clickthroughs. (more…)

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Local Online Video Sales

An online sales manager sent a note asking about getting started in online video sales. The quick answer is, start small.

A previous post pointed out the limited viewership at this time with local online videos. It is important to establish a foothold in video by producing some clips, learning the technology and gaining insight into the audience. But the great majority of video viewership is on national sites such as YouTube, while much smaller viewership is on local media sites.

A local site that is regularly getting more than 100,000 views a month is probably an exception right now. A more common amount of traffic might be in the tens of thousands. Many sites are likely generating less than 10,000 views a month if they are doing video at all.

At a $30 cost per thousand video views (video commands a higher cpm because it is a captive audience), the inventory on a site with 20,000 views a month is worth $600. In contrast, page view inventory is worth $150,000 a month on a site with 5 million PVs a month (5M/1,000 x $10 cpm x three ads per page). In addition, video has a high production cost because it is labor intensive.

A good starting point for sales is just one or two video sponsorships that include the preroll (the ad at the beginning of the video, usually less than 10 seconds long) and a banner position on the pages that display the videos for the sake of added value.

But there is a better answer. Consider starting with a video version of Top Jobs, which is an upsell of employment liner ads into a video format. It has successfully rolled out at quite a few newspapers, has decent advertiser acceptance and can quickly generate six figures of revenue in metro markets. The profit and revenue from this product can finance the growth of video in other areas of the operation.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy Adds Extra Income

moneyAffiliate marketing has been quite a popular subject on the Internet for a number of years because of its potential to generate big revenue for anyone who masters it.

But few people actually master it. Part of the challenge lies in the fact that millions are trying it.

For newcomers, an affiliate marketing strategy is a way to generate revenue for a Web site publisher by marketing the products and services of other companies. If a site visitor clicks on a text link or banner add, goes to that company Web site and makes a purchase, the originating Web site gets a commission on the sale. (more…)

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