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Online Sales Report Gives 6 Insights for Success

Online sales report

Five data points in an online sales report point to total revenue. © Scott Bateman

Websites large and small benefit greatly from a good online sales report. It’s a high-yield tactic that requires little time and effort.

Even the smallest Web site will find useful insights from a simple report tracking sales performance.

A spreadsheet showing six key trends with help even if a site has nothing else but Google AdSense, or some other remnant provider.

A spreadsheet with these data points will trigger ideas about where to place ads on a site and how many to have on each page.

The report also shows whether site changes are helping or hutting ad performance, what steps to take with ad inventory and other approaches to building revenue.


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Page RPM Signals Chance for Revenue Growth

Website page RPM

Copyright 2016 Scott Bateman

Page RPM or page revenue per thousand impressions is a great way to discover opportunities for growth.

The metric is a simple formula that divides the amount of website revenue by the number of impressions, which also are divided by 1,000.

Site publishers who use, Google AdSense or other major remnant networks will find the number in their daily, weekly and monthly reports. (more…)

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AdSense Matched Content Increases Page Views

AdSense Matched Content gives a site another advantage with audience growth as online competition skyrockets.

What site publisher isn’t looking for a way to increase page views, pages per visit and visitor engagement?

Google’s Matched Content promises to deliver all three of these benefits.

AdSense matched content example

This matched content example shows 8 recommendations in a single impression. Note the recommendation that doesn’t have an image. Also note the AdSense text ads below.


Google AdSense Alternatives Often Bring 6 Added Risks

AdSense logoGoogle’s industry-dominating AdSense product provides online publishers with enough paying ads to fill an entire site.

Some sites use AdSense to fill remnant ad space that hasn’t been sold to direct sales clients. Other sites are entirely filled with AdSense. Still more use the product with AdSense alternatives.

The product provides not only the largest quantity of online ads in the world but often the highest-paying remnant ads. Google gives the publisher 68 percent of the revenue and keeps 32 percent for the selling, marketing and management of the product.

But for some sites, AdSense is not enough. They may have one of three reasons to look for an Adsense alternative:

  1. They violated Google’s terms of service, got caught and were banned from using the product.
  2. They have so much available inventory because AdSense RPMs can’t keep up with the high volume.
  3. They want to replace the lowest-paying AdSense ads with higher-paying ads from another provider.

While some sites find alternatives that compete with AdSense on RPM, others may find that the following risks outweigh any benefit. (more…)

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AdSense CPM Depends on Category and Tactics

AdSense CPMThe average Google AdSense CPM is a subject of serious debate for webmasters all over the Internet, and the answers vary all over as well.

It is against the terms of conditions for Google AdSense for any site publisher to disclose its click-through rates or other statistics about a site’s performance.

But enough information has been posted online to make some general observations about what to expect with CPMs (cost per thousand impressions), which are the result of the ad click-through rate and the revenue per click. (more…)

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