Continuous News Takes Continuous Practice

Managing staff that has covered mass murders, hurricanes, major riots and other major news events is educational about what it means to do continuous online news.

When a story that big breaks, sites immediately get pounded with traffic. People have heard only headlines about the story on TV and radio. They want details, as many as they can get, and they want them immediately.

TV station sites tend to be faster with updates but lighter on details. Newspapers are slower with updates but heavier on details. Both of these responses are typical for their respective cultures and approaches to content management. Continue reading “Continuous News Takes Continuous Practice”

Online-Only AEs Deliver Results

Newspaper Web sites that have at least one account executive dedicated to online sales have 87 percent higher online revenue than papers that rely solely on print AEs to sell online ads, according to the Newspaper Association of America.

In addition, 59 percent of the total revenue came from online-only ads, the NAA says. The association?s data comes from a recent Borrell Associates study.

While it is true that sites with dedicated online AEs deliver more revenue over time, it is worth noting that it doesn’t come easily for smaller newspaper Web sites — or any small site that can’t afford to hire a dedicated sales rep. Continue reading “Online-Only AEs Deliver Results”

Online Product Vendors a Mixed Blessing

Some online operations build everything from scratch, others buy most of what they need from vendors and naturally quite a few strike a balance between the two.

I have worked in operations with both extremes. They have left me convinced that striking a balance is the best way to go. Continue reading “Online Product Vendors a Mixed Blessing”