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Google Organic Search Brings Risks and Rewards

Google organic search comes with both rewards and risks. Taking too much advantage of the rewards also will drive up the risks.

I recently went shopping for a website to buy and found a listing for a site with 150,000 monthly unique visitors that had an interesting insight in its for-sale listing. (more…)

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Email newsletter marketing tips

Automated Email Marketing Saves Time and Gets Results

An automated email marketing campaign is one of the best email marketing tactics for a small business or any digital operation with limited resources.

I can hear an expert claiming, “But that’s just silly. You won’t get good results.” (more…)

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Local Search Optimization

Best Practices for Local Search Engine Optimization

The best practices for local search engine optimization become clear for anyone who pays attention to local newspapers and TV stations. Use plenty of places and zip codes.

Local newspaper and TV sites have many references to communities and institutions common to the area. (more…)

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Pay per click campaigns

Pay Per Click Marketing Depends on Careful Targeting

Pay per click marketing works best when publishers target carefully and review results regularly.

Beginners often spend money on PPC campaigns without fully understanding how to use them. (more…)

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Landing Page Optimization: A Fast and Simple Approach

Landing page optimization is a strategy of getting visitors to do something valuable when they first arrive at a single page on a website.

It’s hard enough just to get visitors in an online environment that is becoming more competitive all the time. (more…)

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Backlink strategy

Manual Link Building is Tedious But Gets Quality Results

Link building is a great way to build search engine rankings for a website because search engines look on backlinks as a sign of quality. But link building also takes a great deal of time and often leads to discouraging rejections.

Higher rankings of a quality site will attract customers who are more likely to make a purchase, consume multiple pages and return again. (more…)

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WordPress admin

Best Article Length for Search Engine Optimization

Writers often ask about the best article length for search engine optimization. The answer is a common one in website publishing: it depends.

A 2016 study from of nearly 12 million Google search results found that the average article on the first page (10 results) had 1,447 words. (more…)

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