News Site Strategy Leads to Big Benefits, Big Challenges

News media sites have a business model that gives some advantages in the short term and disadvantages in the long term.

News media sites have a business model that requires them to post a lot of in-depth content every day.

Because search engines favor fresh, original and frequent content, they respond with great enthusiasm and send plenty of visitors to those sites.

They also overwhelmingly appear in top ranking search results for certain content categories. “Chicago news” or “Los Angeles sports” will surely see media outlets dominating the results. Continue reading “News Site Strategy Leads to Big Benefits, Big Challenges”

Copy Desk Holds Key to Newspaper SEO

Newspaper copy editors strive to write headlines that are clever and informative, but they also have a wonderful opportunity to practice search engine optimization at the same time.

Consider these two simplistic examples:

  • Local Weather Forecast Calls for Heavy Rain
  • Richmond Weather Forecast Calls for Heavy Rain

Assuming that there is space for the three extra characters of the word “Richmond,” the second headline is more specific and localized. Fair enough — that’s an example of effective headline writing for a newspaper. Continue reading “Copy Desk Holds Key to Newspaper SEO”

Newspapers Benefit from Classified Upsells

Mature online newspapers now generate more revenue from online-only classified ads than classified upsells. Other newspapers rely heavily on upsells and are creating opportunities for online-only competition to win over their customers with lower prices.

A number of papers still sees a significant amount of revenue from classified upsells, while some, even now, don?t charge anything separately for an upsell. They bundle it in with the print ad in one price, which often is used to justify the print side and ends up devaluing the online portion. Continue reading “Newspapers Benefit from Classified Upsells”

Centralization Helps Even Weekly Newspapers

Major media companies centralize Web operations for the sake of efficiency, but even small independently owned newspapers can benefit from the concept for their Web sites.

When media companies centralize, they develop the ability to sell into multiple properties with one contract, create one design template for all of the sites, implement products for all of them with one initiative and deliver multiple other benefits that save time and money.

Google is a master at the efficiency of centralization. Newspaper companies are OK with it. At first glance, independent newspapers can’t do it at all. Continue reading “Centralization Helps Even Weekly Newspapers”

Sites Can Help Print Circulation

A common perception among TV and newspaper managers is that they deliver the bulk of the revenue for their Web site operations. The sites are resource hogs. For many years, they lost money.

It’s time for payback. A TV or newspaper Web site can produce plenty of profit, revenue and readership or viewership for its host. One type of payback is with newspaper circulation.

The Newspaper Association of America in a paper a few years ago stated that a newspaper Web site can be the source of 5 percent or more of total newspaper circulation starts. The experience of some sites has shown that the target is a stretch, but possible. Continue reading “Sites Can Help Print Circulation”

AdSense Revenue for Newspaper and TV Sites

Google AdSense is an effective option for filling unsold ad inventory on a newspaper or TV Web site.

Many media sites use remnant advertising from major national networks that display graphical banners of well-known major brands. AdSense is more likely to display a series of text ads.

The graphical ads look good. The text ads don’t look so good.

Which option sounds better, graphical ads that pay less money or text ads that pay more? Continue reading “AdSense Revenue for Newspaper and TV Sites”

Newspaper CMS Starts with 7 Key Factors

Webmaster message boards are filled with emotional debates about the best content management systems to use, but the debates often simplify a decision that isn’t so simple.

A newspaper that is considering a new CMS has to weigh a number of factors in making a final choice. Overlooking key factors can result in a disaster that will cost that site both readers and advertisers. It has happened many times before. Continue reading “Newspaper CMS Starts with 7 Key Factors”