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10 Website Hosting Tips Protect the Business

Website hosting tips

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Reliable website hosting tips result from years of managing sites, making mistakes and achieving successes.

Businesses will go through the trouble of moving to a new hosting company because of bad experiences with the old one.

Bad experiences usually fall into a few categories:

  1. The hosting company has poor customer service response.
  2. Server performance is slow (especially on shared servers).
  3. Upgrades done by a poorly skilled technician results in data loss.
  4. Spammers chew up bandwidth and other capacity.
  5. Hackers take down the site.

The tips below define some simple standards when a business is looking for a company to host its website. The host company should have standards on its own website for making comparisons. (more…)

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YouTube Monetized Playbacks Grow with Quality

YouTube logoThe estimated monetized playbacks on YouTube have much more to do with video quality than quantity.

Publishers on the planet’s second largest search engine are not allowed to reveal how much they make, their video CPMs or other account data.

But direct experience and postings by some publishers create a clear picture about increasing the monetization rates on the site. (more…)

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How to Archive Website for More Audience

Website archiveSite publishers often don’t think about how to archive a website because they are too busy with other priorities.

Content is more than just publishing. It also requires management from the first word on the page to months and even years after the content goes on the site.

Content management requires thinking like an editor but also like a librarian. Over time, medium and large sites often acquire a massive amount of material. Much of it simply won’t fit on the homepage of the site or any other index page.

If the older content becomes so buried that no one can find it, a great opportunity is lost. Building a website archive of content also will build a much bigger audience. (more…)

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Website Security Check Should Include Vendors

Website security checkThe most common website security checks cover the risk of hackers breaking through and damaging the site content or software.

Even worse, they look for personal information.

Anyone who watches web hosting reports closely will see that even a small local site will get visitors from Asian and East European countries.

The visitors have no business coming to the site except to search for entry points and cause mischief.

The less serious mischief includes registering on the site to post comments. The comments often have links to other sites that sell questionable products and services.

The more serious mischief includes stealing credit card or other personal information such as Social Security numbers. (more…)

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Best Website Content Produces Hefty Revenue

The best website content produces more revenue and audience when it is both deep and broad.

“Content is King” is a well-known saying when online publishers debate how to succeed at growing profits and revenue. But the saying doesn’t really say much.

What it really means is that content in two forms produces the revenue — abundant quantity and optimized quality. (more…)

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