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Promise Media specializes in low-cost management of small and mid-sized websites. Sites with a limited budget need a vendor who can provide support in multiple areas including site development, marketing, content and sales. We even consult on how to build profitable sites. Our company has two decades of experience in each of these areas.

Rates begin at $195 a month and only $40 an hour, well below the market average because we work quickly and efficiently thanks to our extensive knowledge base. See our blog categories for advertising, marketing, management and site development to learn more about how we approach online publishing for small business.


Site Development

WordPress and ExpressionEngine

Hosting management

Design and maintenance

We develop sites that are search friendly, inexpensive and easy to manage.


Site Marketing

Blogging and newsletters

Social media management

Content development

Great sites need a marketing plan that distributes the kind of promotional content that generates clicks.

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Site Revenue

Ad-serving via Google DFP

Remnant ad campaigns

Classified databases

Get our help in generating revenue from site advertising, classifieds, transactions and other sources of revenue.

Online Advertising and Marketing Blog

SEO Risks May Lead to Poor Results and Dashed Hopes

Search engine optimization requires risk management like any other business initiative. Managing expectations is one of the first steps in any risk management. In the case of SEO, a typical business uses either internal staff or external vendors to implement the SEO program. Whether the project manager is a vendor or internal staffer, it it […]

SEO Content Writing: Tips for Higher Rankings

SEO for content writing is a craft that takes time to develop because different writers have different backgrounds and training experiences.

Email Marketing Metrics Boil Down to 5 Numbers

Email marketing metrics are far simpler than other metrics such as Website analytics. Because there are only a small number of them, it is easy to track results and focus efforts on how to improve them. But that doesn’t make email marketing easy. It is a big challenge first to get people to subscribe and […]

Website Navigation Design Requires 3 Main Tactics

Website navigation design largely comes down to three tactics. Put the main navigation at the top of the page, on the left side or via a combination of both. Provide subcategories in the navigation on every page of the site or put them only within each specific section. Decide whether to use an expandable navigation […]

First Site Priorities: Keep Efforts Free, Quick and Simple

The owner of a small business website should look for ways of growing it that are free, quick and simple. The Internet is loaded with experts who talk about big ways of making money online, but they often leave out the cost and effort required to get there. The Internet also is loaded with services […]

Free Site Promotion for Small Business — Using Blogs

Free site promotion for small businesses is readily available. It’s a tactic called blogging. Most heavy online users already know about blogging. It’s using a Web site to post  content — often personal content — on a regular basis. But it really can be used to publish just about any kind of content, whether it’s […]

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