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10 Website Hosting Tips Protect the Business

Website hosting tips

© 2017 Scott Bateman

Reliable website hosting tips result from years of managing sites, making mistakes and achieving successes.

Businesses will go through the trouble of moving to a new hosting company because of bad experiences with the old one.

Bad experiences usually fall into a few categories:

  1. The hosting company has poor customer service response.
  2. Server performance is slow (especially on shared servers).
  3. Upgrades done by a poorly skilled technician results in data loss.
  4. Spammers chew up bandwidth and other capacity.
  5. Hackers take down the site.

The tips below define some simple standards when a business is looking for a company to host its website. The host company should have standards on its own website for making comparisons. (more…)

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10 Basic SEO Tips Build Search Rankings

Basic SEO tips

Basic SEO tips. © 2017 Scott Bateman

Basic SEO tips are handy for anyone who doesn’t have much time to spend on the subject.

Anyone looking for SEO tips about organic search will find an overwhelming number of suggestions online. Just a few guidelines are a good start for a busy business owner or small online staffs.

Effective search engine optimization (SEO) is not a one-time effort. Site owners need to spend as much time as necessary to get the maximum amount of audience from search engines.

For a big site that generates much business, a publisher or manager should takes SEO steps every day with each content activity on the site. For small sites that don’t update as often, SEO should be part of any content change.


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Website Value Best Determined By Its Profit

website profit

© 2016 by Scott Bateman

Web publishers often debate website value, but they tend to focus on the wrong number.

A common practice is to base the value almost entirely on revenue, but it is profit that reveals much more about a site’s true worth.

The price for a publicly traded stock of a major business is about 15 times its earnings or profit at the time of this writing.

Corporations also measure value using revenue, the revenue metric doesn’t matter so much when a company is losing $1 billion a year. A website is a business and is best measurable the same way. (more…)

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10 Steps for Promoting Your Business Online

Local businesses have a compelling need to advertise their existence to attract customers in order to grow and stay profitable. These days they also have a compelling need to advertise online.

It is easy to imagine that most businesses will find that local online advertising is both necessary and even quite inexpensive to do.

The hard part is knowing where to begin and how to do it right. (more…)

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YouTube Monetized Playbacks Grow with Quality

YouTube logoThe estimated monetized playbacks on YouTube have much more to do with video quality than quantity.

Publishers on the planet’s second largest search engine are not allowed to reveal how much they make, their video CPMs or other account data.

But direct experience and postings by some publishers create a clear picture about increasing the monetization rates on the site. (more…)

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