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Display Advertising Works Best With These 4 Steps

“Online display advertising is a failure because the average clickthrough rate is less than 0.2 percent.”

I have run into the above comment many times. And many times I have tried to explain that it’s just not that simple. In fact, that number is largely meaningless. (more…)

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SEO tasks

Organic Search Optimization: Maximum Audience, Zero Cash

Organic search optimization is a refined and focused method for driving the maximum amount of audience to a website using the least amount of cash.

It  increases the rankings of important pages on a site to the highest possible positions within search engines and get clicks without paying for them. (more…)

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Author Marketing Impacts Search Engine Optimization

Online author marketing can improve search engine optimization simply by getting a name right.

I don’t mean the spelling of the name. I mean the uniqueness of the name. (more…)

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Online branding

Online Brand Marketing Can Outperform SEO

Online branding is often overlooked as a marketing tactic because search engine optimization is so widely embraced.

It’s true that pure Web brands in particular may get up to 90 percent or more of their total traffic from organic search results. (more…)

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High quality link building

High Quality Link Building Starts with Targeting Right Sites

Building high quality links for search engine optimization is a tedious, often frustrating and sometimes rewarding job.

It is tedious because it takes a great deal of research to find a high-quality site and then a high-quality page on that site to place the link. (more…)

Email Open Rates Depend on 5 Factors

Email marketing open rates are remarkably consistent for anyone with a decent knowledge of how to market.

Industry reports and my own experience show that open rates usually range between 15 and 25 percent of total emails sent. (more…)

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