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How to Make Responsive DFP Ad Units

Google has created a way for DFP publishers to display responsive ad units that is harder to explain than it is to do.

“Size mapping” is a set of tags on a site that tells DFP it can safely deliver ad units of specific but varying sizes into a single ad slot.

The following steps explain how to make DFP deliver responsive ad units. The steps use a single ad unit to keep the explanation simple. (more…)

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How to Understand Unique Visitors in Google Analytics

Online CommunitiesUsers in Google Analytics, also known as unique visitors, is an invaluable tool for measuring, tracking and understanding a site’s audience.

The official Google Analytics definition of this Web metric is: “Unique Visitors is the number of unduplicated (counted only once) visitors to your website over the course of a specified time period.”

The new user definition is: “Users that have had at least one session within the selected date range. Includes both new and returning users.”

Tracking this number monthly is an industry standard for understanding if a site’s audience is increasing, decreasing or staying even.


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Content Attribution Builds Trust, Credibility With Readers

The use of content attribution is one of the most basic concepts in traditional print journalism. It has benefits for online journalism as well.

Content attribution provides the source of a fact, quote or controversial statement. It uses words such as “says”, “said”, “according to” and variations along with the person, website, etc., that offered the information.

Newspapers are more strict about using attribution than magazines. It is more likely to appear in reporting of people and events and less likely to appear in opinions or commentary. (more…)

10 YouTube Metrics Give Insights Even Once a Month

A YouTube channel publisher can look at metrics only once a month and still gain insights.

A small business or website publisher may have an equally small channel and not enough free time to publish or track the channel daily or weekly. Some channels offer value without having dozens, hundreds or thousands of videos.

Channels with 10 or fewer videos might simply offer some branding value, a little revenue or other benefits that make the channel useful. (more…)

Online Advertising ROI: 3 Useful Metrics

Online advertising ROI

Acquisition is the top goal. It can be in the form of registrations, transactions, ad views, etc. © Promise Media

Online advertising ROI or return on investment is a major consideration for anyone focused on response rates more than branding.

Response and branding are the two primary benefits of any advertising campaign.

Online ROI is difficult to track for branding because the results are not always immediate or directly measurable if the goal is brand awareness or offline sales. (more…)

Use AdWords Geo Targeting to Keep Budgets Lean

Advertisers will find that AdWords geo targeting is a great way to focus their efforts on niche audiences and use limited budgets efficiently at the same time.

Just about anyone can have a good reason to use the geo targeting capability.

A small local advertiser may care only about reaching people within a single zip code or a few nearby zip codes.

A somewhat larger advertiser such as a car dealer may want to reach an entire metro market.

Regional advertisers of course might want to focus on multiple metro markets or entire states. (more…)

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CPM Advertising Costs, Examples and Strategy

CPM advertising is a pricing model based on cost per thousand ad impressions.

CPM advertisingIt places a consistent payment rate on the number of times the ad is distributed, whether online or through traditional media.

But the rate does not depend on whether the campaign produces clicks, leads or sales.

In traditional media, a CPM advertising campaign tracks the distribution of the ad to print readers (newspapers and magazines), travelers (outdoor billboards) and broadcast viewers or listeners (radio, network TV, cable TV). (more…)

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